Where To Get New Ps Pulley

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  1. Howdy folks,

    Quick question - I think the title outlines it pretty well. Any sources for a new power steering pulley that are not too pricey (Wazee and the other nice custom ones are a bit too costly)?

    I'd rather not have to hit a JY to buy a wasted pump just to try and get a used pulley (which may or may not come off without the hub being destroyed).

    Thank you!
  2. I dont know about new, but I have a used pulley you can have.

    Came off a parts car, removed with the proper pulley remover.
    aside from being used, it looks fine.

    PM me your shipping address, and I'll send it out soon as I dig it out of storage.

    This is for 94-95 5.0
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  3. If you still need one, let me know... I may still have one that I haven't tossed out yet.
  4. Not sure I would go for an aluminum one. The factory steel ones have trouble with slipping on the shaft if they have been removed too many times. I can't imagine an aluminium one that expands at a different rate than steel would work terribly well.

  5. I was out of commission for a while due to a 2 year divorce. I am just glad to be alive. Last week I am back up and running. I would be willing to do a discount for stang.net members for this month only. 15% off. I don't have a coupon code built in to the site but I will refund the discount upon purchase. Just email me and I will take care of it. My site is not fancy but eventually I will replace it with a better one. wazees.com
    1995 Idlers and power steering pulleys will be finished up at the shop within a couple of days.
    My passion is 95 stangs so you know my priority is getting those parts up and out first.

    Mike Wazee