Where to get turbos??

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  1. If I wanted to put turbos on my car from a junk yard what would work? would the turbos from a 87/88 Turbocoupe/Thunderbird work? Would there be a benifit from using two of those?
  2. You have a choise,

    Either 2 T3 Turbos for twin Turbo setup,

    One T4 or bigger Turbo,

    Ive scored one of the 2 T3's I need,
    My Turbo convertion is very much in the works lol!
  3. Also when your searching try to find ones with wastegates inside them with an actuator Rod,

    Easier to install and to ajust,
  4. I'm reading that the t3's out of a 85-86 turbocoupe is faster than the ones out of a 87-88 turbocoupe. Is it that much faster? I know where a couple of 87-88 coupes are at. Would I benifit from those turbos are should I wait till I find a 85 or 86?
  5. http://www.turbomustangs.com

    This is a site with message boards, general info, and a list of turbo kit companies with reviews. Kinda looking into a turbo myself :D , hard to part with the $$ though.
  6. The 87-88 Turbo Coupes used a smaller IHI turbocharger that was capable of making only about 18 PSI MAX [efficiently] on the 2.3L.

    You'd be best to not use them, and stick with the T3s. The T3s were capable of pumping 21 PSI into the 2.3s [efficiently]. You can find these on: 83-86 Turbo Coupe, 8?-86 Cougar XR7 Turbo, 85-89 XR4Ti Merkurs, and 83-84 Stang GT and Capri RS Turbo [what a shame it would be to part out a useable version of one of them tho] and of course the 84-86 SVOs [ditto to what I said about the GT and RS Turbos].

    Myself, i'd like to turbocharge one day but would prefer one properly sized turbo on my car.
  7. I would go one better and run 2 turbos off the 87 gran nationals. Bigger than the ford T3's. I had 2 and was going to start a turbo project but, i had some money problems and canned that idea.
  8. Well I don't want to run that much psi because it's still gonna be my daily driver. Would I encounter problems driving a twin turbo car everyday?
  9. Shouldnt think so,

    And you wont be able to run 22psi on a stock 5.0 motor!

    When mines installed im going to run 6-8 PSI each Turbo,

    Possibly 9psi each,
    Thats 400 RWHP.

    Thats more than enough for me now :nice:
  10. Would I have to modify my block in any kind of way? It's stock with 150k + miles on it.
  11. No you shouldnt have to,
    just make sure you dont wind up too much boost and you will be fine,

    Id suggest Ford Racing Headgaskets,
    I just put mine in when I re-did the engine, So i know I could handle the boost
  12. 22 pounds of boost doesnt equal 21 pounds on a 5.0 Its about cfm and pressure...... 210 pounds worth of flow on a 2.3 wouldnt even make 10 pounds on a 5.0
  13. the ihi's will do fine on a stock motor, i went 10s with em. :nice:
  14. I've always wanted a TT setup..especially on like a 331 or somethin...but then there's the money issue...hell, just getting valvesprings broek the bank. anyway, wouldn't you want external wastegates so you could adjust the boost, or are the internal ones adjustable too?
  15. Internal are ajustable too,

    Ive found are easier to ajust,

    You turn the Actuator rod,
    its that easy!!

    All ive had since I started driving is turbocharged Cars,
    This Mustang is the first car ive ever owned thats NA,

    I miss boost,
    Superchargers Dont do it for me,
    There cool, and I wouldnt say no to one,
    But I know Turbos more, and its cheaper to twin turbo a stang than to supercharge it! (If you can weld lol)

    For what I want, Turbo is the way to go,

    Im looing for 12's, at the fastest 11's But 12's more,

    I know ill be there with TT's
  16. well that's cool. I guess that makes the setup that much cheaper. still not sure if it will happen any time for me though :(

    btw, how much would a turbo from a junkyard normally cost?
  17. God I have no idea,

    Im getting my Turbos from England anyway,
    I have one T3 sitting waiting for me,

    The other Ill find over there,
    Probably from a Cosworth or RS Turbo, I want a Ford Garrett One, like the one I have
  18. Somebody on the internet said they got their turbos from the junk yard for about 175 each. I saw them there before. Me and a friend even joked about putting them on the car.....

    Didn't know you could really do it though.
  19. I have a Holeset generally used for diesels, it has 72mm cold side, and 88 hotside, and 1.27 ar, I just need a wastegate, and a blow off valve, I already got someone to do the piping.
  20. I am thinking of doing a turbo myself. I start planning on some AFR's and all that, but I've driven and run into so many turbochaged cars. A turbo will turn a dog of an 4 banger engine into a beast, I could only imagine what a turbo would do to a v8 that's allready got the beef!!! Turbo kits are way expensive, and so many people have had hard times getting all their parts, time, ect. I think if they sold them in one box such as like in superchagers, more people would buy them. I figure I will do it myself. I am looking into buying a welder anyways. Maby next winter. I've got so many plans for my car it isn't even funny. I'm planning on doing a P/S delete next, this will help make room.

    BTW: I would not pay very much for a junk yard turbo, especially out of a old car. Your better off buying a unit off a rebuilding company. There are turbo's everywhere. Volvo turbo systems seem to hold up well, Saabs, Audi's, many cars came with them along with air-to-air intercoolers, you have to fabricate anyways, so get what you can that's good. Supra turbo's seem to work nice, and many of the Supra guys alway upgrade to a single larger unit, they probally have a few laying around. I hate taking a hand-me-down from them, but it will pay off.

    When you go to a junk yard, don't tell them what you are doing, they will want to jack up the price, I know how j/y's are. Say you have a beater or whatever you are trying to get the turbo out of and you just want it to run right.