Where to get turbos??

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  1. Twin IHI T3's all they way for a DIY kit. Like ntrcptr90 said, there have been a few cars in the 10's with them. You should have no driveability problems at all, mine was completely stock intake to oilpan and went 12.6 @ 117 with 7 psi and 2.73's with my old Incon kit and it ran just like a stocker, until you mashed the gas of course, hehe. Good Luck :D
  2. someone should post a video or .wav of turbo stang, i always hear ricers blow off's i wanna hear a head & cammed v8 ROAR and sneeze :)

  3. do one big singe turbo, its cheaper
  4. LOL... ain't that the truth!:rlaugh:

    Question: Has anyone ever run two different sized turbos? Maybe some kind of sequential setup so that you've got one turbo spinning up really quickly for bottom end grunt and the other picking up and running away where turbo 1 left off?
  5. I got my turbos from a place in Canada for $150 ea and they are T3/T4 hybrids. The guys are real helpful and quick to respond e-mail wise.

    Think the site is www.booostperformance.com


  6. I dont see anything even remotely CLOSE in price on their site. Did u just contact them by email to see what they had?
  7. whats the average price to convert to twin turbo, for example, open the hood to a stock 5.0 - what will you spend in the end to get it running good with 2 turbos?
  8. There are to many variables to come up with an accurate average.

    I was able to do it for ~ $1700 for everything. You could knock off ~400 if you were to make your own headers.

    Keep in mind though, I was patient and find good deals. I was also lucky enough to find some turbo's that were in great shape.
  9. i agree single turbo is cheaper and the best way to go all in all. The quick supras only use one turbo dispite the fact that all the drivetrain is all American but they do know what they are doing when it comes to the turbo idea!

  10. Not necessarily....
  11. true, if you do a T76 ball bearing turbo, the turbo alone is like $1400
  12. lets here the explination...:rolleyes:

  13. Thats simple. I never made a claim so lets hear your explanation. To do a single turbo on average you need a bigger turbo. That bigger turbo probably wont be found in junk yards so you will be paying a pretty decent price for it on average. So u have more invested in the turbos for a single than a twin from the start. Then you need a wastegate where as with twins if u run t3's you already have internal wastegates. Twins ahead again. Then you dont have to worry about a cross over pipe for a single. Dual in/single out IC's are getting cheaper everyweek as more people are starting to make them so that will make the cold side of a twin just about as simple as a single. People say you have twice the oil feeds and drains which is true.

    The point is the which one is more expensive is PURELY up to the owner. If you weld your turbo kit then it doesnt matter which way i go, your twin or single setup will ALWAYS be cheaper than my setup since i cant do the labor myself. The labor for the hot side of twins is cheaper...atleast in my experience. The turbos are cheaper. The IC is a tad more expensive but then i dont have to worry about wastegates.

    But then if you go all out with twins, then it will be more expensive. My claim is that either route can be done for about the same price. One of them can be less than the other depending on your situation...i.e. what you can do and who you know.

    Now, whats your reasoning? I think i explained mine well enough. :nice:
  14. I dont know jack about turbos but can they be used the same way for a carbed car. You would have to fabricate the same way ?? Can the t3s be used on carb?

  15. I dont know jack about carbs but on turbomustangs there are guys with carbs that run them all day in blow through applications. Im pretty sure its the same setup all the way up to the intake. Any turbo can be used...its a matter if it fits the motor's characteristics.
  16. yea the turbo GT's on mustangs were carbed weren't they?

  17. To do a single turbo indeed you need a bigger one, I have a buddy that went to a scraper picked up a turbo off diesel truck WITH an internal wastegate. With that said the rest of the math falls into place. I don’t really agree with doing stuff like that because usually it ends up half fast (do to lack of knowledge not always its just my opinion so no quoting on that! now on the other hand I did go to http://www.turbomustangs.com/turbokitpage.php and i saw a cheap kit there 2k for a single turbo setup, the target hp was 400 with a max of 900 very respectable numbers and for 2k (your intercooler is going to end up being more then half the price of that) I cant see how you can go wrong. Now if you look at the rest of the kits, look at the price, and what you’re getting out of it, the single turbo setups are ahead for the most part. The first post I was trying more or less to get the point across that the single turbo setups are better for VERY high hp numbers, ass you can see the kit for 10k there is a point where if you want to make power you gotta pay to play and that is defiantly in that category. But according to the information given it might b better all around as well (that’s more or less an opinion once again) but the twin turbo set ups are still cool and very respectable. That's my explination i think i did a good job at it.:nice:
    So all in all I believe you just got :owned: by the newbie :D