Where to get turbos??

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  1. millhouse and nmcgrawj I was aware of the 500hp limit to the block, just out of curiosity on a stock bottom end what is forged and what isn’t? I heard only the crank but then I heard the rods as well but never could get the same storey twice.

    That whole other bracket of power, money, speed, etc I know is ridiculous when it gets to that point though you really gotta pay to play, that’s the name of the game though. So for the china intercoolers with all of the above read I agree with the both of you at this point and for $175 shipped you really can’t go wrong. The only reason I was talking such intercooler in the first place is because if it’s a constant project where you are looking for huge numbers eventually you would be better off to the money in the first time rather then having to replace it later.

    On another note I think another cool idea is a barrel liquid to air intercooler http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/PWR-...33731QQitemZ8008407248QQrdZ1QQsspagenameZWDVW . (dont look at the price I know its ridiculous). Im sure you can find one for $200 used then its just a matter of a tranny cooler, water pump and just lines once again I think it is a cool idea and have heard its a very efficient way to do things. Tell me what you guys think and I know all new stuff on the net get expensive really fast I did see some one do it if I can find the link I will post it. It was all basically stuff from a junk yar except the intercooler of course.

  2. Nothin is forged. Well i take that back....87-92 i believe had forged pistons but there were never any forged rods or crank from my knowledge.

  3. It really depends on your setup and what your trying to do. Liquid to air intercoolers are nice, but they are not for everyone. Off the top of my head...I'd hate to speculate the pro's and cons without having some facts. I'd search turbomustangs.com as there have been quite a few DIY water/air setups people have made.

    As far as the internals go, nmcgrawj hit the nail on the head. In the end though, it doesn't really matter. The stock internals will surpass the limits of the stock block. The only difference the forged and hyper pistons make is the forged gives you a slightly larger cushion with regards to detonation.

    Here is a great read on the stock block limits. http://www.turbomustangs.com/techarticles/stockblock.php