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  1. this is not another "which gears are best for me" thread. i'm getting 4.10's and i was just wondering where to have them installed/ordered from. the ford dealership?
  2. Gene Evans Ford

    If you have a local board, ask around for where people got theirs done.
  3. mustangtuning.com has great prices on gears with free shipping or can give randy a pm for gears(same price). As far as install dont go to a dealer find a performance shop by you. Where are you located?
  4. I'm in Pensacola, Florida.
  5. If noone is trustworty around your way, go to ford, they install 3.73's in trucks as factory replacement, not sure if 4.10's come in any trucks, probably do in the lifted 4X4's.
  6. I got mine from 50resto. They are in the same city as my Pops. (waco) So I went and hung out with my Pops and the picked them up on the way back to Houston. Save some cash on the shipping.

    I had mine installed by a very repected mechanic that I have known for 15 years. He works on alot of local strip cars and is well known around here.

    The dealer will rape you on the install, I would look around and find a shop that will do the install. There are not many shops that will tackle a job like gears, I you'll find one.