SN95 Where To Mount Msd Box?

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  1. Where are y'all mount the box? I'm doing a v3 install and dunno where I'm gonna put it.
  2. Got mine under the cowl, but it never sees rain
  3. Behind glove box.
  4. Mine is a fox, but it is mounted on the interior panel next to the back seat.
  5. I had it mounted on the fender next to the head unit on my SSC.
    I don't currently have one on my supercharged vert.
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  6. Away from heat if you want it to last.
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  7. Love that you painted it to match! :hattip:
  8. Thanks!
    Yeah I like things to all match up as part of a big picture. I got lucky with that Saleen decal. It fit perfectly over the MSD decal.
  9. had mine mounted both under the CAI and also where the battery went along the inner driver fender. Good luck with it as they are prone to dying at will. Don't hard wire it into your stock ignition system so you can bypass it when it fails.
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  10. May Suddenly Die
  11. Crane fireball ftw
  12. Damn, so msd is crsppy fellas?
    Pretty man. Did it work ok for you minted there?
  13. Thanks for the heads up man.
  14. I've been stranded by a 6 series box myself. Tainted my opinion of them. Had it less than a year, they offered to fix it as it's a well known defect. They were only gonna charge me $80 to fix their chitty box!
  15. When I had one I mounted it on the frame rail under the battery, I didn't even have to drill any holes as I used some factory threaded ones.
  16. 2 years so far on mine. Mounted inside. I'm sure it will die soon, now that I posted this... :spot:
  17. In the hatch?
  18. Yea bro, would you like a pic?
  19. Please