Where To Start? Motor Is Shot

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  1. Ok, I had been posting about 94 cobra with various issues. Well finally took the motor to a machine shop/mechanic shop and they motor is shot (lots of slop in the pistons, bent valve... various other things). Now my question is, in order to get this motor back right it is being recommended a full rebuild with new pistons, rockers.... the whole nine. As some may guess the guy is saying bore the motor .30 over to basically a 306. Now enters my question(s).
    1. I have stock upper and lower intake, TFS Stage 1 cam and SVO aluminum heads, Pro-M CAI and JBA headers (shorties). Will all this stuff match up with a 306?
    2. Is there a rebuild/piston kit you guys recommend I go with? (not looking for a race car, more something dependable)
    3. Is $2400 including parts a good price? (This guy is doing everything new to the motor, I will get a more detailed list in his estimate monday)
    Any other tips or advice is greatly appreciated.
  2. 1)Yes.
    2) CHP offers decent engine kits with options: http://www.coasthigh.com/
    3) Price means little when it comes to peace of mind. What kind of reputation does this builder have? Can he give you some customers to talk to & you can get their opinion?
  3. You don't need all that stuff from CHP. With that HCI setup, stock stuff is fine. Reuse the stock rods and crank. The machinist will turn the crank and re size the rods as necessary. The best bang for the buck on pistons is still the teflon coated cast Speedpro pistons. If you have no intention of putting a power adder on the car, do not waste money on forged pistons. They are around $200 or less all over the internet. Everything will bolt right up to a 306.

  4. You are 100% right peace of mind is worth gold. I just wanted to know if his price is in the range of the going rate for this type of work. And yea I have checked he seems reputable. The motor was really in bad shape and he took it apart and showed me all the issues (loose timing chain, sludge in motor, valve hitting piston, lots of slop in the piston chamber...list goes on).

    Thanks gentlemen for your input.

    Another opinion question.
    Do you guys prefer buying a crate motor over what I am having done?
  5. crate motor, no. They are just mass produced and i've always heard little nuances that still need cleaned up by a machine shop. I'd rebuild what you got, that way your not buyng suff you dont need
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  6. I don't like crate engines. For certain factory replacement deals you can't beat the price. For anything performance related, it's best to have it built. I agree with madspeed, mass production is not the way to go.

  7. Whatever your kit of pistons etc. is, I would get better than stock. In fact, if you're going to want a little performance out of it, a little bump in the compression would be a lotta fun! That's assuming you don't put some sort of blower on it of course.
    Everything will bolt up just fine, and the price of the shop seems reasonable, however, I'm sure you can find friends/family that may know how to do almost all of that. I know I had it down to being able to swap a head gasket in an afternoon. These cars are awesome to work on man!
    It should be a treat for that shop to do the work!