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  1. I just bought this 93 gt a few weeks ago and I hate to admit it but I'm an ex Chevy guy. I've loved fox bodies for years and had to have this one. But I'm very ignorant about mustangs. It's in great shape in and out aside from some flaking paint. But I have no idea where to start. Any things I should look out for or try to address first. It's got 116 k miles on it and it runs great.

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  2. Ah welcome to the dark side my friend. Nice stang you got there, what are plans for the car DD, Sunday car, track car, etc..
  3. Mostly a DD, I have a little corolla I drive when j need to save some gas but I want to drive the stang a lot. I know this is probably what a lot of people say but I want it to be stout but still dependable.
  4. Ok that's cool mine is a DD as well. Ha-ha what's your definition of stout :burnout:
  5. Ha ha...well that's a loaded question....maybe a cam, some injectors , possibly heads if I get the money for a good set...not some junk....I don't really know yet what combinations work the best and also still dependable.
  6. Indeed. Sounds like a plan Stevo. I'm still looking for heads myself. Are motors aren't exactly the same but I'm looking at Trick Flow heads. I think AFR's are probably some of the best to get... Someone else with actual user experience will chime in. Dependability always cost a little more :nice:.
    Are you doing the work to her yourself?
  7. Yeah Ive heard both were very comporable heads. I think AFR has been around for a lot longer than trick flow. But as far as doing the work I could do intakes and injectors and whatnot but I think as far as heads in kinda in the dark as far as what specs j need to know and so on. Have you done some heads before. By the way your stang is badass...I dig that color...is that a blower under that carb. I don't think I've seen one like that before.
  8. No not on the mustang, I've done a head job on a Northstar Motor but that's it. I'm waiting for the funds for some heads. Pricey ba**ards... Thanks the paint is horrible on it. It's just a rattle can job, I always paint my car's like that to see if I like the color before I spray it. Peekaboo Blue. Yea it's a little Weiand 174.
  9. If you want immediate results from something that you would probably do eventually, and maybe a bit off topic,then gears are my first suggestion. I put 3:73's in mine and it made a huge difference right away, and like I said, it's probably something you would get to eventually anyway. No problem on the highway or around town. Good luck with it. Sweet looking car!