Mach 1 Where's every1?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by sajoseph, Oct 21, 2005.

  1. How come I see a ton of people viewing threads, but no one hardly posting?:Total-CP: This should be a happening site!:SNSign: I mean, aren't we the few lucky ones to have such an awesome car (Mach1)?:hail2: Anyway, just checking......
  2. I'm here, errrr , ahh, :shrug: I think, :D
  3. I've been asleep for the past two months
  4. Nice car in your avatar hotrod......I haven't seen a red one. Mine is yellow. I have seen only 5 Mach1s in our area and they are that blue/purple color, a white one and a couple yellow. I also see many 04 and not many 03s.
  5. AZURE BLUE!! I think maybe the other forums cover any questions we might have. We pretty much fall into the same aftermarket mods as everyone else. Were the same, yet different.
  6. Yes, very true.... no one seems to respond much to threadz on here. I usually try to make it on here once a day to see if anything is happening though
  7. Yes, I did too . . . until it got blocked at work :nono: !
  8. I'm here man:SNSign:
  9. Most of my posting is done in the off topic forums when I get bored at work. Whenever I go to the technical forums I just show off my lack of automotive knowledge :D
  10. The Mach1 threads are somewhat hidden on this server. You kinda have to know where you are going to get here. I check threads here from month-to-month, but for up-to-date Mach1 info, The Registry is the place to go.

    Just don't forget about our friends here at Stangnet, I still post here to further the legend, if you know what I mean.:SNSign:
  11. I post on too many boards, I'm running out of things to talk about any more.
  12. I'm here, but don't have a Mach. Sorry. What do you want to talk about?
  13. your right:nice:
  14. Well, lets get this thread going and post up some pics of our Mach's!!!

    Here is mine:
    View attachment 499096
  15. Well I haven't been back as much since their last server crash and all of our previous post which are still here dont have links to them.:mad:

    I proved they are here with a link I had from another forum .
  16. I'm alive.....ALIVE!!!!
  17. That is awesome :hail2: any chance do you have a shot of the rear?