Wheres My Bottom End

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  1. Hi. Just joined. I have an 85 coup. And working on brothers 91gt automatic. Problem is car is stock except cold air fender setup. From a stop when you mash it tires break loose and soda bottle would flip out cup holder. We put on mac shorties offroad h pipe bullitts and elbows out infront of tires. Used clamps car was fine took it to friends to get welded now no bottom end tires wont break loose soda bottle doesn't move.
  2. I figured welding screwed up computer so that was replaced after various things told to my brother every sensor was replaced inj replaced tps set to .98 plugs wires replaced runs tad better n smoother but still no power but once you hit 3800rpm it takes off and the exhaust tone changes
  3. On your head:banana:
  4. Haha! So, anybody have any ideas that will help. We are going to be building a 331 with eldebrock heads n intake but want to get the problem fixed if its something electrical, tranny or fuel related
  5. So you want your soda bottle to flip out of the cuplholder?
  6. The point is there's no power off the line that's just an example of the difference in power
  7. So from what I'm seeing after only 2 replies this site would be perfect if I was building a car to compete with comedians are there any real mechanics here or people with some experience
  8. in all honesty you made a post about knockng drinks from cupholders but lets get down to biz here. what size headers and piping did you use?
  9. The purpose of that was for example of before and after. Exhaust piping is 2 1/2 I have to check the headers don't remember. It isn't a back pressure issue because it ran fine with just the U clamps
  10. auto or 5 speed?
  11. The problem started right after it was welded. But no codes and no visual signs of wire damage unless its a coincidence deal but I still need to figure it out
  12. Auto, tranny was flushed new filter n fluid. I have heard stories on older cars where they grounded welder at tranny and it melted bearings together. But the tranny seems to shift fine
  13. sorry mate i dont have a crystal ball or magic wand in my tool box. youwant this figured out you need to go through the diagnostic process.
  14. put it in 1st gear and see what happens.
  15. Did the first gear thing and even the shift to d and back to hold 2nd. No difference. Doesn't have power till 3800. The exhaust sounds like when vtech kicks in that's how much of a difference the exhaust changes in sound
  16. hmmm. o2s hooked up?
  17. Yes all emissioñs are there all sensors and solenoids checked or replaced no codes that's what is confusing me what else is there to check
  18. Maybe I'm anal and should just replace motor and tranny but I'm the type that when something is wrong or breaks I replace it but I take bad part apart to see why it broke. I don't want to build my brothers 331 get it in and still have issues...am I wrong for this
  19. if your headers are to big you will lose low end torque and just a question what are you calling elbows out in front of tires?
  20. Yes you are right headers to big will decrease low end but car was fine when it was just u bolt clamps holding it together. Bullitt mufflers welded at end of h pipe. 90° elbows to the bullits. Pipe comes out infront of tires