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  1. im seriousl thinkimg something came loose during thre install. check all the cables, hoses , and wires to the transmission.
  2. I had someone pushing on throttle to check and make sure butterfly opened up the hole way. And that the linkage from throttle down to tranny was not loose and opperating properly. Replaced and checked for air leaks around vaccum lines and intake
  3. when you say "no codes" meaning no cel light on ...........OR you have pulled ALL the Stored Codes and dumped them??
  4. did you replace the kick down cable?
  5. I didn't replace cable just made sure it was adjusted corectly and moving. Used a snapon tool almost like a tech2 dumped old codes no new codes right now. I did just aquire a fuel pressure reg. That's adjustable. I'm gona put that on recheck fuel pressure.
  6. Any opinions on torque converter being damaged from the exhaust being welded and the ground wire not at right spot and warped or the bearings in it from the electric flow from welder.
  7. One more thing. You have cup holders? I have none in my 90, I do have two ashtrays though. If it was tc wouldn't it shudder or just free rev if it were bad?
  8. they do make the cup holder for the ash tray hole.
  9. Oh when you said bullit i automatically went to wheels lol
  10. I've mig welded on hundreds of cars with absolutely no ill effects, new, old, computer controller, etc. This is not your problem. Tig welding is a different story and I always disconnect the computers and pull them out of the car entirely before Tig Welding at all.
    I may not have any other valuable input here, but Mig welding exhaust is not the problem.
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  11. 110% agree

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  12. Well I can tell you right now I have seen plenty of msd ignition boxes go up from mig welding. And if the welding didn't cause it then what else could it b
  13. Why do you think they make isolator tools for electronics when you weld on cars that have sesitive electronics. I seen first hand computer chips fri from just static and your telling me that if someone doesn't ground the mig at the right spot its not gona fry whatever small electrical things the current passes through. Hahaha
  14. Oh and I was gm certified up until 2001 then went construction route cause it payed more
  15. sounds like you are more qualified than us. good luck getting that soda bottle to jump out of the cup holder. Peace :drink:
  16. I'm not the smartest cookie in the jar but not the dumbest and I know gm and fords are different but some things are universal
  17. Im not saying that I joined and asked to see if anybody else ever had yhis problem and how they fixed it or ideas on things I'm missing
  18. X2
  19. Ha at 1st read I thought you were callin me names
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  20. ^^^^ I just said that 5 times fast :lol: