Wheres My Bottom End

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  1. ....and certified @randy85 if it was wrong to do, "Why did you do it???"
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    Wow, I wonder why my cars all managed run fine then. Just had MM full length SBF welded on last week. Or when I had my exhaust welded. or the battle boxes, or the cages. Never had a problem- just made sure the ground was good. But then again I only went to Lincoln Tech, was ASE engine and transmission certified, and worked for Ford.

    Better check my cup holder. Oh wait, I don't have one.
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  3. Babahah
    Bahahah ah man. I literally snickered out loud. Hey I bet the welder is searching out a new forum. Maybe he inhaled the fumes??
  4. Abahaha stop boys stop. Funniest thread in a hot minute. Gotta feel bad for the guy though. Ah nah
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  5. ...and don't give me "Well all my friends are doing it crap, if all your friends jumped off a, ....nevermind ole Papi talkin' o_O
  6. I
    incase y'all were wondering that was a finger rubber the pic just didnt upload right
  7. not too late for obligatory bottem end photos
  8. All of my photos are to explicit haha
  9. Soooooooooooo, ........"T5:rolleyes: and TKO:ninja: walk into a bar......"
    "347o_O and 302:rock: are like wtf??!!!
  10. Yo randy you get it figured out?
  11. Check timing, TFS, does it have a MSD? Sounds like ignition related problem? Put a timing light on it and see what is happening below 3K.