Roush where's the whine?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by saleen195, Mar 25, 2004.

  1. I have a 03 saleen with the series IV blower. Do any of you have a distinct whine to your saleens? I don't hear anything with mine. Would a cai bring it alive? Also, the magnaflow x-pipe has 4 cats on it and is really constricting the sound. I'm thinking about swapping it out for another x-pipe. What brand do you recommend and what is better, with or without cats? Sound wise I mean. Thanks-Al
  2. With the stock intake system, I could barely hear the blower. After installing a MAC CAI, a nice blower whine/scream sound can be heard under load but is quiet off load. Air moving through the CAI intake produces sucky and whistly sounds during idle and cruising conditions.

    I just installed a Magnaflow catted X that I am very happy with. The exhaust sounds a little edgier and slightly louder inside the car. My wife commented on a noticeable increase in sound outside the car.
  3. Ive got a Vortech V1 on i have a very distinct whine at idle :D

    Most Saleen owners opt for the Bassani off road X to match the Borlas. It gives an awesome sound and is quite loud...but not TOO loud.
  4. I just put a UPR o/r x-pipe on my 03 and it sounds amazing!!
    Very easy install too. Perfect fit!
  5. The saleen IV twin-screw has probably much less whine than the previous roots type blower. Not much you can do about it...