Which 1 Wire Alternator To Use With New Aaw Wiring Harness

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  1. Hi,

    I have a 68 coupe with 302 and t5 and recently purchased the American Autowire wiring harness update kit for 1967-1968 mustangs which requires using a 1 wire alternator and ditches the old voltage regulator. The kit does not specify which 1 wire alternator to use. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on a 1 wire alternator.

    I would like to use a 1 wire alternator that I can buy at the local autoparts store like Autozone in case it ever fails, I can pick up a replacement easy. I understand some GM alternators may work. And again, I prefer not to have something shiny and expensive. I just need something to do the trick and work properly but is easily replaceable if it goes bad.

    Thank you!!!
  2. you have options here. the first question is how many amps output are you looking for? if you are planning an electric fan, and a big stereo, then i suggest the 3g alternator at 130amp output from a ford taurus. if you are looking for less amps, say 55-60, then grab any ford alternator, say one from say a 75 LTD and get a one wire conversion kit and tap into that.
  3. the GM 1 wire works very well .you have to drill out the top bolt hole to a 7 1/6 bolt to use it on a ford ,and you will need a longer spacer . i have one on my 69 and my 35 ford truck.
  4. I will have a cd player, with 4/5 speakers but probably not with an amp/sub. I will be running an electric fan, along with a rear defogger, no a/c(may go to aftermarket a/c later on).

    The American Autowire Kit is wired for a 1 wire alternator, so I won't need any wiring conversion kits for a 1 wire. Are the 3g alternators all 1 wire? And which year Taurus are you referring to?

    If I use a GM 1 wire alt, is there a specific year, model, that you recommend?

    Sorry for all the questions, just want to make sure I make the right choice.

    Thank you again for the information. Very helpful.
  5. i just went to Auto Zone and told them i wanted a GM single wire alternator for high output systems .