Which 93 Cobra wheels? Black or polished? PICS

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  1. Im going to be getting wheels for my Convert. 5.0 and torn on which would look best. Im LEANING towards the black with polished lip... but i thought id ask for your opinions.

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  2. I think you're leaning the right way.
  3. 2 reef blue's in a row:p

    I vote black w/ polished lip.
  4. I don't think either would look right on your car IMHO
  5. I think Im one of the very few people who dislikes those wheels. I would say though the chrome would look "better".
  6. Between the black and the chrome, I would do the chrome.

    But I think the silver 93 cobras would look:drool:
  7. pony r's!
  8. Wow. Im kinda suprised at the responses...

    What does everyone recommend? I was thinking maybe 03 cobra as well..
  9. polished or chrome 03 cobras would look good
  10. stock silver looks the best on these wheels. I'm feeling the choices either. I looked at all the colors they had for these wheels before buying but the stock silver is the best. I have seen the polished ones on a car and from a distance they look like walmart hubcaps..I'm not kidding they just show of to much bling when mounted up and you see them in person.

    Mine with stock silver(excuse my bike in the pic, I copied this from another thread I posted in). I think they would look good, if the 93 cobra wheel is want you want.

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  11. definitely get the chrome ones like i did

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  12. ^That's why I got my wheels not in chrome. But that may just be for white cars IMO.

    I'd go for the chrome wheels, but the black may look good.