Which cat-back should I buy...

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  1. I've got it narrowed down to either a Bassani BX or a SLP Loudmouth 1 catback. I'm looking for a deep, throaty sound, something load, and something that will last a long time. Both will cost me approx. the same ammount, so money isn't a factor. So tell me, which one would better fulfill my requirements? Thanks.
  2. I prefer the bassani stuff. I think the SLP stuff sounds too much like an open exhaust.
  3. how in the world can you get bassani for the same price as SLP?? I need to shop where you are!!!
    bassani is lightyears ahead of SLP in quality and performance.
  4. A shop up in Calgary, Alberta. It's the Bassani BX stuff, so it's a bit cheaper, more aluminized than stainless. Here's the site:

  5. The cat back on my 02 is slp and the quality is fantastic. If its not its close to being the cheapest stainless catback you can buy. Fitment is perfect. As far as performance just like any other cat back. The car got louder.
  6. you should know what you're talking about before running your fingers....

    SLP is very high quality, have you ever even seen one? The fitment is perfect and the craftsmanship is second to none...granted Bassani is VERY nice; but I wouldn't say it's lightyears ahead of SLP.

    I would say they're fairly equal. You wanna know what SLP & Bassani are? They're both lightyears ahead of anything MAC makes and anything from Flowmaster as well.

    To the original poster, I've got sound clips of the SLP if you'd like!
  7. probably because it is an open exhaust...lol :D

    you can get the Loudmouth II's which are not open...and they even have a PowerFlo muffler which is a fully stainless chambered muffler design.
  8. I'd love to hear them! So far, everything I've clip I've heard of SLP has been great. Anyone have any clips of their Bassani cat-backs?
  9. Bassani is nice stuff!
  10. what do you have done motor wise 93 gt
  11. Personally id go with Bassani over SLP anyday. SLP makes your car jus sound loud, with lil sound quality. Sounds pretty much like a mudding truck. Also SLP has a history of lousy customer service. They are still primarily a GM aftermarket company.
  12. Now now lets not diss mac lol. As bad as the quality is compared to the higher price systems, (bassani, slp, borla) they are plenty good enough for an average motor head.......except their ****ty ass headers but I won't go there. But, they sure as hell sound amazing on a modded mustang :drool:

    As far as sound goes, I personally hate slp. I think it sounds like a dump truck. For my 347 I plan on running a bassani catback or dumps with an x pipe. Bassani sounds amazing in my mind and I am in love with them. However, I just might run my race bullets that are sitting next to me :nice:

    We'll see when the time comes..........mauahaha
  13. I have the Bassani Quiet Thunder cat back system. Wasnt real real loud when new. But within 6 months it gets louder. Its nothing special at idle but give it some gas and it has a very unique sound! Its the only exhaust I would run on a stang.
  14. I have to agree!! I have slp1's and really like them

  15. Thank you sir for the link.

    I think I'm leaning towards Bassani. I like the loudness of SLP, but I think in the long run, I'd prefer Bassani's tone. Can't argue with the quality of their product either, I've heard nothing but great things(not knocking SLP).

    On that note, anyone here installed any Bassani products from the BX line? Are they still quality products with a life-time warranty?
  16. Slp is loud. If you have any doubt about being loud don't get it. Its not for everyone. I have LM1 dumped on my 95. Its not to bad that way. Just loud at start up.
  17. You NEED an X pipe to pull off straight through mufflers on a fox body.