Which cat-back should I buy...

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  1. nothing, basically a well running stock motor. I keep up with the maintenance and make sure it's tuned well.

    nope, all stock. ;)

    You forget that they now offer 3 different types of exhaust for the Mustang (LM1, LM2, and ProFlow). Each one is progressively more quiet.

    As far as being primarily a GM company, how about a little history lesson for you? SLP was founded by Ed Hamburger who was the 340 Mopar super stock racer. So I guess you can say it was Mopar first, then GM, then Ford, and now they're getting back into Mopar again.
  2. which is where the ProChamber comes in...almost like an X & H combined.
  3. so how much for the slp, deffinatly interested
  4. 93GT, how long have you had your SLP cat-back and how well has it held up? SLP is completely stainless right? I'm planning on getting an off-road X-pipe sometime in the future as well, so how much should that affect my descision?
  5. I can get the SLP Loudmouth 1 shipped to me for just under $700 canadian, so approx. $590 US.
  6. well, mine was installed last february (I think the date is even in the video?). Anyway, yes it's 100% stainless and has held up very well...I'll go outside tonight and snap some pics. It would be just about a year old.

    x-pipe or h-pipe is up to you...x-pipes tend to sound more the the 4.6 motor & raspier....they also "theoretically" make more power than an h-pipe; however I have no experience with that to say one or the other.

    One thing I like about the bullet designed muffler is that it fits better under the car. I had the MAC mufflers and they just barely cleared the rear subframe...well, it took about 2 hours of adjusting to make the exhaust fit right. The bullet style mufflers have way more room so it's much easier to install.
  7. :bang:

    Yea, just noticed that. That'd be great if you got some pics, I'd really appreciate that!
  8. I have the bassani Bx series cat back on my car now, joint with a mac h and frpp shortie headers. it sounds great. Before i was forced to get the mac h i had bought a used catted bassani x pipe from a friend. with my luck that xpipe took a dump with in the first week i had it on.
    If you are going to get either of these catbacks make sure to get an xpipe. its hard to describe, but i liked the way it sounded with the x better than with the h.
  9. The problem is ordering from the US I'd have to pay customs fees which would likely cost me close to $200. I'd likely end up paying close to $800 canadian if I were to order from the US. I've been burned in the past with customs charges and I'd rather not go through that again.
  10. My next kit is either going to be an SLP kit or most likely a Spintech side exit kit.
  11. do I hear road trip??
  12. Spintechs here, :D
  13. I live in British Columbia, Canada, so if you want to drive them up to me that'd be great!:nice:
  14. I just ordered the SLP LM2 cat back from summit, it is currently backordered but should be in by jan 25th. I will let you fellas know how it turns out.
  15. Where do you guys get spintech stuff?
  16. I've learned that piecing together your own cat-back is probably the best way to go ... and in some cases, it's actually a lot cheaper than packaged cat-backs. Buy a set of tailpipes that you like, such as Flowmaster, Dynomax (stainless!), or MAC (chromed or black ceramic-painted). I'm kind of leaning towards being a fan of MAC's tails because of the ball-and-socket connection they use (easy install/adjustment. Then, buy a pair of flow tubes (MAC has 'em for about $40), and then throw on whatever brand of muffs you like (Pypes Violators rock). You may or may not need to buy two clamp-on hangers, depending on what brand/type of muffs you go with. Then, bolt that puppy up behind an X- or H-pipe of your choice and enjoy. Depending on what brand muffs/tails you go with, the whole setup could be as cheap as $250 or as expensive as $500, but at least you can be sure you're getting exactly what you want out of the deal ... and it's modular (unless you weld it up), so you can always just swap out the muffs or tails with something else later, if so inclined.
  17. I have the bassani b/x quit thunder cat back on my car and I have to say, the compliments are getting irritating:shrug: .
    I've had both the o/r x and h pipes on there, but with the h, it just sounds "ballsy" as hell.
    heard the slp lm1 system on a stock long block coupe and was just to loud, with no tone. Im sure a healthy cam would help a bunch.
  18. I'd definately go with Bassani. After hearing samples from Magnaflow, Flowmaster, SLP, Borla, and Bassani, I was more impressed with the Bassani by far. In fact, it's what I'm looking to get for my '03 GT.