Which Cylinder Heads?...if Money Were No Object

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  1. A good number of the posts I read in here regarding cylinder head upgrades usually revolve around limited budgets and the best affordable head alternatives such as iron GT40s vs. ported E7s, or GT40 vs. GT40p. For anyone that's interested, here's a question I would like to pose regarding Windsor-based cylinder heads, partly for fun and partly out of genuine interest.

    If money were no object, which cylinder heads would you buy for your SN95 build?

    Of course, a question this big can't be asked without some detailed qualifiers attached. Here are the restrictions and limitations:
    • Windsor engine build for an SN95 with associated SN95 hardware restrictions.
    • Naturally aspirated only.
    • The vehicle application is street/strip, with mostly street driving, and has to be
      capable of being used as a daily driver.
    • The stock ECU has to be used, but it can be tuned.
    • 3.55 or 3.73 rear gears with MT, but doesn't necessarily have to be a T5.
    • Intake manifold and camshaft can be specified to match the cylinder head selection.
    • H or X pipe with cats in order to keep it street legal, but the rest of exhaust can be changed up to match the HCI selection.
    (Please let me know if there are any other things that I missed which need to be spelled out here.)
    To keep this even more interesting, it would be great to hear what you would choose for the following engine combinations:
    5.0 / 302, 331 (stroker), 351, and 427 (351 stroker)
  2. Afr 165 or 185 for 302
  3. Depends on what kind of engine you are building. I would go for a big Trick Flow head myself if I had to buy heads again tomorrow.

  4. You like em better than an AFR?
  5. What's the deal with Dart & Brodix heads? They're fairly expensive. Are they any better than AFR or TF?
  6. Yeah, I like the Trick Flow design better than the AFR heads.

    Brodix makes full on racing heads.

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  7. I'm curious about the Brodix heads as well. They have impressive flow numbers with reasonable port sizes, but they're priced like big block heads at $2k+. Are they worth the money for a mostly street driven car or are they mainly intended for a 302 race engine? Would they be better suited for a street driven 427 stroker than AFR 185s?
  8. If money were no object, I'd pick up a set of emmisons legal 60cc AFR Renegade 185's (1492's) and have them CNC cut to the 205 specs for my 331.

    From what I've seen, the components and machine work for the new AFR Renegade line up seem to be better than that of the TFS heads. The consensus I've read amongst a lot of the racers on the TFS heads seems to be that their quality control has really taken a hit since they were bought out by Summit a few years back?

    As for which one performs better....that seems to depend on who you ask. From what I've seen, they're pretty much on par with one and other.
  9. AFR 165 on stock 302.
    AFR 185 on a 331.
    AFR 185 or 205 on 347.

    AFR 185's on 347 with custom Comp cam, Holley Systemax Intake with ported throttle body outlet, ported elbow, 75MM Throttle body, 80MM MAF, 30lb Injectors, 1-3/4" Ceramic Long Tube Headers with 3" collector, 3" Prochamber, 3" Catback exhaust. I should have went 205's and 38lb injectors.




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  10. Dude, that engine looks awesome! I imagine that thing pulls pretty hard. Nice! :cheers:
  11. Would pull harder with AFR 205's, bigger injector and recal MAF. Maybe even ditch the Holley intake for a higher RPM range one. I like torque though.
  12. That's partially true. They are living in the long long ago. Back in the mid 90s when Summit bought Trick Flow, their quality control and hardware did take a hit. Back then we only bought Trick Flow bare castings. Trick Flow has long since improved their hardware selection and packages. AFR heads are always an excellent choice. They are second to none in quality and customer service.

  13. back in the day, money was close to no object. I have AFR205s on my 331. I could have done more, but at that point I think I would have seen extremely diminishing returns for the investment.
  14. In my application which does not meet the criteria here, I went with the AFR Renegade 220 heads. Very nice indeed.