Which engine you rather have in the next Mach 1/ BOSS?

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What would you rather have in the next Mach1/BOSS

  1. 375HP 5.4L 3v V8

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  2. 375HP 5.0L 4v V8

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  1. The Vette had a 5.7L V8 from 1969 to 2004 (correct me if my years are off) so that displacement has just as much history with the Vette as a 5.0L did with the Mustang (although the 5.7 changed from 350ci to 346ci in '97)

    The 2005 Vette is the C6 and has the 400HP LS2. The Camaro will get that engine too because the GTO will have that engine.
  2. Ok so you're saying the C6 is a retro design? There is a history to the design of the 05. Not just the engine type. If the C6 looked like the 63-64. Then again maybe it would be a cool touch to go back to a 5.7L.
  3. The C6 is NOT retro, but neither was the C4, C5, or the last years of the 5.0 80's/90's Mustangs. The 63-64 Vette didn't have a 5.7L V8.

    I don't think the car needs to be a retro design to have a traditional/historic displacement. The 2006 Z06 is getting a 427ci V8, but will be styled very modern.

    I just thought it was funny that Mustang enthusiasts would sacrifice displacement (something they have begged Ford about for years) in order to have a displacement they are nostalgic about.
  4. But the 05 is definatively retro themed. And it would have been a cool touch to go to a 5.0.

    As far as bigger displacement is concerned. I have no real need for it. I can do just fine on the street with 300hp 320tq. If I want a track car with a bigger engine. I will build it from a body in white. Now mind you this is only what I want or need. Many people do not feel the same.
  5. Actually the 5.4 was put in a stang

    In 5.0 Mustang & Superfords Magazine, they decided having a 5.4 liter V8 would be a neat swap. So they scanned their local junk yard for a wrecked 5.4 and swapped it for the 4.6. In the end the 5.4 wasn't that hard of a swap due to the modular family nature. When they initially ran it, it was horrible. So they retuned it and produced decent numbers. But nothing in the range of 375. I'm sure its attainable with different parts since this was a truck engine.
    What i think is funny is everyone is bashing putting truck engines into cars and vice versa. If they couldn't use their line of engines in other vehicles prices would go up. They have to be flexible in order to survive. What i think is even funnier is that the Dodge Vipers original engine is from their truck block. They took the truck 8 cyclinder block and just added 2 extra. Eventually it became its own engine line, but its roots were from the Dodge Rams.
  6. I would say a smaller, lighter, higher revving 5.0 for a Boss, much in the same spirit as the high winding Cleveland head 302 in the original Boss.

    Then but in the larger, simpler, lower revving but torqier 5.4 3V in the more drag race oriented Mach I.

    I think these individual motors would best match the distintinctive characters of the two cars.
  7. Actually, they didn't have to add 2 cylinders, they already had it. The V10 was a truck engine option in the three quarter ton and one tone trucks. Thats the motor the Viper is based off of.
  8. They didn't need to add two cylinders, it already had it. The V10 motor was an option in Dodge three quarter ton and one ton trucks for a couple of years. Thats the one the Viper motor is based on.
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  10. Swapping engines from the top of a car is one thing. Being able to install them on the production line is another thing. On the assembly line for a unibody car, the engine, transmission and most of the drive train are assembled on a jig. This jig is then raised up to mate with the body which is moving on an overhead part of the assembly line. So the engine has to fit into the engine bay from below WITH all engine accessories installed, exhaust manifolds, alternator, A/C, PS, etc, etc, etc.

    And don't say that Ford can change their ass'y line to fit in larger engines because they won't as it would increase the cost of manufacturing the car.