Which Exhaust?

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  1. What kind of exhaust systems are you all using. I have a 76' with Hooker Super Comp headers. Are there any good 2.5" kits out there, or do I have to go to a custom shop.
  2. Have to go custom. I'm currently running Hooker Super Comps and Flowtech Terminators dumped with 2 1/4" pipes.
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    Are you using a balance pipe to connect the left and right exhaust, or do they stay independent? Also, did you go with the 2 1/4" (instead of 2 1/2")
    because of space, or choice, or cost, etc?

    I've never dealt with custom exhaust shops - if I supply the mufflers, what kind of cost I am looking at (ball-park). Thanks.
  4. I paid 130 for the cat back on my 90 ranger and 140 for my 86 F-150. but they just used the crushed crap. mufflers rot out they put a new one on for free though.
  5. I don't have an H-pipe, but after I drop the 408 in, I'll be running a 3" X-pipe. I wanted to go with 2 1/2" pipes, but when I had the exhaust made, I wanted the pipes exiting downward behind the rear tires. The shop said there wasn't enough room for 2 1/2" pipes, so they put the 2 1/4" on with the 2 1/2" inlet/outlet mufflers.
  6. I did 2 1/4" full exhaust on my II, mufflers and cats, completely true dual, no h or x pipe. I believe it cost somewhere around $250-300 from the headers back, and I supplied the cats and mufflers.

    With my current engine, I plan to do a 2 1/2" full exhaust system, universal x-pipe, not sure about cats or not though.
  7. I just had a shop do mine 2 1/4 from the headers back and a custom h-pipe and turned down just behind the rear tires reused my old flow masters

    2 /12 don't bend that good

    love the price though 235.00 out the door (midas in town wanted 350) :bang: I was TDY at a school down in biloxi MS the guy is good.. I'll try to snap some shots for ya..
  8. :rlaugh:

    A Kit? For a II??

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  9. zwhitr,how did you like Biloxi?I was there thirty years ago!Right after hurricane Camille,what a mess!

  10. not Bad no signs of a hurricane ever being there

    Casinos on the beach side and hotels on the other not the right season for beach goers though kinda chilly you know.
  11. 2.5" pipes going to a Y-collector, and 3" back to a Thrush turbo in the stock location.

    Sounds beautiful, but not a real powerhouse exhaust. I hear its only good to about 320hp. More than that, go dual.
  12. Built my own 2" duels for about $150 , 7 years ago.

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