Which Fel-pro Head Gasket Do I Use?

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  1. I have stock 302 block with Edlebrock heads and which Fel-Pro head gasket do I use? There are many to choose from. There is a 8548 PT2 (which is for a Windsor) 9333Pt (which is high performace) and 1133, 1134, 1011. Which gasket do I use? What head gasket do you guys use?
  2. Car had 9333PT's on it when I bought it. Gave no problems. I used 1011's on my rebuild, which I believe are a little better for high performance applications. My father-n-law has used the 1011's on his 12:1 compression 302 for several years of race abuse, without a rebuild.

  3. I have used different variations of the Fel-Pro's, as well as Ford Motorsport head gaskets. In my opinion, any good quality head gasket will work fine & the most important thing for a good seal is thorough cleaning of the surfaces & threads + careful torquing of the bolts during install. Currently running Fel-Pro lock wire head gaskets, but was likely a waste of $...
  4. the 9333 are slightly thicker than the 1011's. IMO if you are ever planning on adding a supercharger go with the 9333. The 1011's have had issues with fire ring failures on boosted applications. The 9333's do leave more residue and make for a messier cleanup if you need to pull the heads.
  5. Before I reinstall the cylinder heads I need to remove the old gasket material. When cleaning up the cylinder head, what grit sand paper should I use to remove the old gasket material and smooth it out?
  6. stuff some paper towels in the cylinders and water passages. lay a rag or towel in the valley tray. I used a sharp razor blade or you can use a sharp gasket scraper. The razors dull fast so get several. Be careful not to nick the block. If you are just using it on the cast iron, then you can use a light scuff with a scotch brite pad. Do not use on aluminum or you will leave scratches. You can use carb cleaner or acetone and some rags to clean up the heads. Be very careful and take your time. Make sure to get out all of the old gasket and crap from the engine. You want it to be squeaky clean. I also use a shop vac to get out all of the crud and pieces that may have fallen into the valley or cylinders. After you are done make sure not to get any smudges or dirt on the deck of the head.

    Autozone also sells aerosol gasket remover, You just spray it on, let it sit, and scrape the old gasket off. Then wipe the head with some carb cleaner.
  7. The heads are Edlebrock and to clean the combustion chambers is it ok to use a wire brush to remove the carbon?
  8. If you use the 1011-2 you may have fire ring issues since they have copper fire rings, the 1011-1 have stainless fire rings that hold up just fine.

    The 8548pt2 and 9333 are a graphite based gasket like a stock style.

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  9. Yes I'd use a soft brass wheel and try not to hit the deck surface

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