Which first?

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  1. Which do you think I should install first?
    -Dual Flowmaster Catback w/ Super 40's
    -Spec Stage 1 (lightweight) Clutch
  2. I'd put on the duals first.
  3. What do you need first? I'd do the duals with some headers... if you don't already have them, buy them. :banana:
  4. I vote for the duals, just to get rid of that ugly, lonely tailpipe.

    If you're going for speed, gears should always be your first mod.
  5. I just got the Flowmaster Force II, and even though if didn't give me much more power, it was worth it just to see dual exhaust back there, shined up, instead of that tiny ugly pipe Ford stuck there. Don't expect any huge changes; it improved my fuel economy by 1 MPG, I dropped about .4 seconds from my 0-60, and it sounds better. Still deathly slow, but it sounds better.
  6. Yeah, I'll be having a shop install a dual catback system with flow super 40's on them..them puppies are expensive! But I need to do my clutch because the throwout bearing and whatnot are chattery and need to be replaced before it disintegrates or causes other problems. I also think there's a hotspot on my pressure plate from the previous driver because theres a slight jerk in 1st all the time. I guess I'll save that for when school gets out and when I have more free time anyway.

    I just hope the lightweight Spec Stage 1 will be worth my $300!
  7. pipes for sure :nice:
  8. i would say pipes too but theres no denying that if you need a new clutch then you have to get a new clutch asap. is it 300 just for the stage 1 clutch or is that including other parts and install? also where are u getting it from? i need a new clutch soon mines about to kick the bucket
  9. You dont need a freaking lightweight flywheel. You car dosent rev up high enough to actually use one. By the time you shift the revs will fall real low.
  10. Pardon my stupidity, but what does a lightweight clutch do?
  11. It helps reduce rotational weight on you engine.

    And btw, the aluminum flywheel isn't part of the "lightweight" clutch. It's another seperate purchase. It's a composite pressure plate mostly.
  12. o i was thinking you meant by "lightweight clutch" you were reffering to the fact that the stage one has a light almost stock like feel to it.