which flowmaster muffler is loudest and best sounding

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  1. im looking for a pair of flowmaster mufflers to put in place of my old american thunder cat back right now its an american thunder cat back with dumps and i like to have tail pips witch mufflers are they and if i could get a part# for summit
  2. I have a clip in my sig (not that good of quality) Mine is all stock with cats but I have some flowmaster 40's
  3. if you want the loudest then get the single chamber rece mufflers. theysound awesome if you have some power to back it up. 40s are your next option and the can be really loud given setup (pipe diameter, midpipe, dumps/tails etc) i love my cars loud, like winston cup car loud, and my flow 40s are almost loud enough for me. when i build my stroker im going to put 1 chambers or some spintechs so it sounds really mean. got o mustangsoundclips.com i think and theres some clips of alot of setups. hope this helps
  4. yup 1 chamber race mufflers. A friend of mine has a sc 347 with lt's 3in. x-pipe and 1 chamber flows. It sounds ****ing awesome. Its kinda raspy but thats good cuz it sounds like its gonna rape anything on the street.
  5. clip of flows 2 chamber in my sig... what mostly everyone runs
  6. Stay away from the delta series they offer.Its does something to make cabin noise a little less intrusive.Gay:notnice:
  7. Loudest: Flowmaster 10 series.
    "Best" sound: Flowmaster 40 series.
  8. Although 1 chambers are amazingly loud, they are NOT the loudest Flowmasters out there. What I have for my '89 MustangGT is the LOUDEST Flowmaster or atleast louder than 1 chambers. I have FLOWMASTER OUTLAW SERIES RACE MUFFLERS, NO CHAMBERS AT ALL and extremely loud. I love the sound of 1 chambers, but they don't match up to these mufflers. I have a complete MAC set-up, 1 5/8 Equal Length Headers, Off-Road H-Pipe, LX TailPipes because I have a Cobra Bumper on my GT, but w/ these Flowmaster mufflers. I had to get exhaust adapters though because the smallest diameter for the mufflers was 3" and the pipes are 2.5". Good Luck in your decision. 1 Chambers or the Outlaws on my car will do the trick if your looking for the loudest Flowmaster sound, but the Outlaws are the loudest.
  9. ever get bothered by the cops??? man get a sound clip of that^^^
  10. I get "the look" from people walking all the time I guess whem you have a car louder than the average car people think your going really fast when you are not even doing the speed limmit yet lol
  11. thanks to all of you guys for the help im going to go with the 1 chamber race mufflers now dose anyone maby know the part# of them from summit this will really help
  12. The loudest and best sound you can get from Flowmaster is the sound you make yourself! Do this:

    Take 2 chamber flows, get a pic of the cross section of the internal chambers/baffles. Then, chop the back chamber off right behind the last chamber plate section that seperates the front from the back. This way, your muffler will literally be cut in half, or in redneck terms we call it the "Brown County Flowmaster" lol. (brown county is where all the hicks live, also where i grew up lol).

    If you do it without butchering them, you'll still have an outlet tube since there's a tube that goes straight through the muffler. You'll have to get custom tailpipes made or just add extensions...but i don't worry about all that, i just run'em as they are after i cut'em. I'm working on getting a sound clip on here so people will know what i'm talking about (i've had lots of questions about this one).
  13. do you have a pic to post of the cross section of the chambers.
  14. Well sort of. This is kind of vague, and it's always possible that Flowmaster changes their design, but this is the gist of it. On my mufflers (and most Mustang mufflers i think) the inlet/outlet are both on the sides and not in the middle as this pic shows, but other than that it's pretty much the basic design. On my mufflers, the entire back section is cut out, leaving those diagonal sections just behind the cut out lines, and then the hole is there for the exhaust to exit. If you wanted to go all out, you could reweld the back plate of the muffler back on and have the stock outlet still there, but i really don't know how that would change the sound. Personally i'm going to take mine and trim the outter "wrap" of the muffler back to the diagonal sections so that the muffler is kinda triangular on the back, and then weld an outlet and flanges on so i can run tailpipes.

    :: DISCLAIMER ::
    Anyone who reads this chooses to chop up their Flowmasters at their own risk. If you butcher your mufflers and ruin them, i'm not to blaim. I don't recommend you do this unless you're totally and utterly bored like i was and are willing to go out and buy new mufflers if you ruin yours. I was in the market for new mufflers (was running MAC pro dumps) so i traded a friend for his 2 chambers, and then got creative with'em because i had planned on buying something else. As luck would have it, i'm happy with them.

    Also note....this is more or less like running dumps, which you should keep in mind is also illegal in pretty much every state since 1) you don't have tailpipes, and in most states you're required to have tailpipes extending a certain distance beyond the driver's seat, and 2) they're loud as all hell. You'll also get a good amount of exhaust fumes when sitting at redlights and such.

    Here's the pic:
  15. As another thought...me and a few friends got this idea, but when we first gave it a try, we actually cut the welds and opened up the muffler to see what was inside, and then we cut from there and rewelded it all back together.
  16. I got LT's, offroad h and A/T's with tailpipes. Anything louder than A/Ts is probly gonna get you a ticket, especially if you got H/C/I. When I swapped in my ported TFS heads/cam my car got a helluva lot louder so I decided to stick with the A/T's. I already get enough attention from the local swine
  17. not to sound stupit but what mufflers come on a american thunder catbak?
  18. Yeah if you want the most possible interior drone. Definitely stay away from Delta Flows.
  19. Ive had the one chambers with side exits and an offroad H, and yes they are loud and do sound good, i still have them in my garage in fact. The loudest and pretty good sounding muffler that flowmaster makes is their OUTLAW SERIES TUBE MUFFLERS, meant for drag cars only.

    Having regular 40 series on my car with some electric cutouts i have the option to tune the loudness how i want whenever i want to.

  20. Do you have a sound clip of them? i'd love to hear them on your car.