which flowmaster muffler is loudest and best sounding

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  1. thats sweet sounding i love it :nice: what mufflers are they
  2. what i reaily am looking for is that flowmaster sound but very loud something that go in place of my mufflers so i can use my new tail pips I mean are the 1 chambers the reaily small looking?
  3. Sorry, I do not have a sound clip of them yet, as soon as I get a chance, I will, I have kind of been waiting to make a video because I am so busy at work and graduating from high school, that I haven't had a chance to make a video, but at the end of June/early July, I am going to take my car up to Island Dragway to make a few passes, so I'll get some clips of me cruising on the street, in the parking lot at idle, than of me making a pass down the 1/4 mile. Later, Jeff.
  4. I gotta get a sound clip of my custom system, Lt swap headers equal length tubes 2" prim. 3.5" collector, 3" custom offroad H pipe, back to 3" original 40 series flows (they dont make them in 3" anymore, had to expand the in/out at work) and dumps, on 10.4:1 comp, large cam. O yeah, and dual electric cutouts right after the headers lol. VEYR VERY DEEEEEEEP THROATY AND LOOOOUUUUDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!
  5. what im looking for is that chamber sound but really loud and so i can use my flowmaster tail pips im looking for that high rev,HP sound like cobras but like i said still loud but with that flowmaster sound like this fox http://videos.streetfire.net/recentv...A30B409F75.htm
  6. ....and this is why I run MAC's :D
  7. come on guys i need to know so that i can order the right ones
  8. Just go w/ the 1 chambers than, you can't go wrong. They are probably the ideal of what you are looking for. Later, Jeff.
  9. who is jeff
  10. i think ill take my old one chamber flows and expand the in/outs to 3" tomarrow at work and try them out on the car with the 460, just curious to see how it sounds. The case size is probably gonna be too small though to properly size it to 3".

    Besides the outlaw series flows, the one chambers really are the best for max sound with a tone to it.

  11. Wow, that baffle just doesn't do anything for me....sounds too much like a truck. It's gotta be raspy and not have that flappyflappy sound that pickup trucks have. :shrug:
  12. I made my exhaust system so mufflers can easily be swapped out, i just finished fabbing up the one chambers on there, its too late to start it up, but i will let everybody know how they sound compared to the spintech prostreets and 40 series flows that i also have.
  13. That's my car all the way....with full lengths, i can change the mid pipe without jacking the car up (although it is easier) and my mufflers are always dumped so i don't have to worry about tail pipes. Just pop on the hangers and go. Also every set of mufflers i get/keep/use get bolt on flanges welded on if they don't already have them.
  14. hey, are you going to the super summit show this weekend? I've been waiting over a year to finally go with my car all done.
  15. is there a diffrents with the 1 chambers on the sound between the big and small casing
  16. witch ones will work best because I still want to run my tail pips comeon need to know before ordering.
  17. If you do get up to super summit, look for a black LX with some bright ass green design on the side.. thats my uncles 460 fox that i was telling you about a while back.. he just repainted it and should have it back together for super summit
  18. I am Jeff. Thats why at the end of what I said, I put, LATER, JEFF.