which flowmaster muffler is loudest and best sounding

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  1. Ill look for him.....

    Just got the electric cutouts on there tonight and put the 7.5 emblems on the fenders, looks and sounds nice. And as for the one chambers that i threw on there late last night.....WOW THEY SOUND AWESOME on this motor. They are gonna stay on there for a while.

    I too was wondering if there is a sound difference between the large case delta force race mufflers and the small ones that i have.
  2. Bump-Outlaw mufflers?
  3. Holy thread resurrection:eek:
  4. My buddy and I cut the tops off the flowmaster 2 chambers and removed the deviders and welded the top back on them.... I had a pro chamber and then the 2 chamber flows and it was quiet. It got a little better tone with the baffles removed.