Which gauges did you use in supercharged 2011

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  1. The Procharger for my 2011 Mustang GT just showed up and in the instructions is recommends that you should have the following gauges available to properly check the finished installation and monitor your vehicle's performance (especially for testing):

    Manifold Boost Pressure Gauge
    Fuel Pressure Gauge
    Wind Band Oxygen Sensor and Gauge.

    How many of you installed the above listed gauges? Which ones, where did you get them, where did ya stick em', and how do you like them? I think I saw a pic of a boost gauge that was inserted into the left side vent. Looked good. Pic would be great.


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  2. There are few options for mounting 3-gauge holders. The dash mount pod a pillar pod look OEM if proper gauges are selected. Look at brothers performance and american muscle. Either of those sites will have what you're looking for.

    If you want an analog wide band gauge, you're going to need a wideband meter that will feed one. Take a look at AEM and Innovate.

    If you prefer digital, it makes the wideband portion a bit easier.
  3. Thanks, I have been looking into Aeroforce interceptor scan gauges and a speed of sound dual gauge pillar pod. Still looking.