Which Headers??? 66 5.0 AOD

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  1. Any help or direction appreciated. Converting an I6 to V8. I am using a stock 1995 Mustang GT 5.0 HO and hooking to an AOD. Anyone know for sure what headers will work or am I better off to use stock cast Iron manifolds? Thanks again.
  2. You could use the HiPo manifolds.

    I recommend these stainless JBA headers 1650S. I have these 1650SJS. They are mid length and fit great and even have 02 bungs for the sensors for EFI. There are a couple options. I have the stainless ceramic coated ones. You can also get them in just stainless or a titanium finish.

    JBA Performance Exhaust

    I would also recommend using the RMP adjustable motor mounts. It makes things much easier.
  3. I just bought the Heddman Elite long tubes. I'll tell you how they fit in the next few weeks.
  4. My dad used the JBA mid lengths with his AOD conversion because it was the only thing we could find that fit. They are a little spendy but an excellent header.
  5. The hedman long tubes will not fit out of the box. not to worry, not many long tubes under $500 will fit. i ended up cutting it near the collector and rotating it to clear the bigger trans. i also had to make a notch to clear the shifter linkage. it scrapes on the big speedbumps, but its too late to return em.

    Hedman Hedders 88308 - Hedman Elite Hedders - Overview - SummitRacing.com

    only the drivers side needs modification. the passenger side is fine as-is
    i need to also mention, that i had an older set of black-paint hedman longtubes that fit the driver side fine, but the passenger only works for C4s. if you get into a bind and want my driver side header, it will work.


    if you want the easy route... just give up a few horsepower and get shortys or mid lengths.
    i saw doug thorely mid-length headers at a swapmeet that looked like theyd work

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  6. Thanks

    I have been told regular Fox Body shorties will work. Any thoughts?
  7. JBA has a long tube application for the 66.
    I am currently running them.
    Nice headers.
  8. As far as I know, no. They driver side points at the steering shaft and not sure on the pass.
  9. How much work was that? I really dont want to cut up these headers as I just had new ones sent out due to minor shipping damage.
  10. As far as I know Fox Body headers won't work on our classics.
  11. im going to guess that FOX headers wont work due to shock-tower clearance. you need the headers to hug the block to clear the vintage shock towers
  12. I have Hedman Elite ceramic coated Shorty headers with my 5.0 and AOD:


  13. Tim, where those bought specific to the 65 mustang or are those just 5.0 headers? When you drop down from the generic 5.0's to the 65/66 the price goes way up. thanks
  14. Specific for the Mustang, they fit '65 - '68 with SBF
    Hedman Hedders 88406
    Summit Racing $300
    I paid $280 in 2007
    Was the price on the generic 5.0's for ceramic coating? I know that makes a big difference in price. Besides as mentioned, I don't think the Fox body 5.0 headers will work.
  15. I just pulled on the headers while installed with a 2x4 in the collector and they moved enough to clear the pan with no probs. Its a lot easier to do when you have inexpensive headers because of the thin walls. Kinda redneck but it worked for me perfectly. Hope this helps.
  17. IMG_1788.JPG I used Sanderson shortie headers in my 66. If you tell them you will be running an AOD when you order, they put a little extra bend in the right one to clear the starter.
  18. if you want long tubes accufab can probably make them for you, cost a little more. he has several jigs for different year/engine/tranny combos.
  19. I have a 68 coupe, AOD with JBA headers, fit great and look awesome. In my opinion they are worth the extra money.