Which hits harder/better, two 10's or one 12?

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  1. Oh and bbrinks just curious why do you need a subsonic filter with a ported box and the jbl amp? I dont have one on mine...
  2. okay i was looking at ikesound.com, the prices are pretty darn good. i have the cash to buy 2 12' type R's, and either the 1200.1 or the 600 jbl amp. do i need 1200 for two type r's? or can the 600 handle it? also, where can i find a good ported box for it? local circuit city or someplace? also will i need a capasitor to hold the power?
  3. ide get the 1200, type r's like power. ide recoomend u find someone to build a box for u it u dont wanna do it yurself, custom is better
  4. For the ssf, It depends what frequency your box is tuned at. Below the tuning freq., the sub unloads. If it's tuned pretty low, it's not as big a deal, but if it's tuned at say 40Hz or so, you risk damaging the driver if you play test tones through it.

    As for the amp, the JBL's usually are underrated, so the 600.1 should be fine. I've heard some guys running them with 750 RMS, but 300 watts should be fine, especially if they're ported.

    If I were you, I'd build the box yourself, but you can find a stereo shop, they'll usually build one for you. Check out http://www.woodlawncabinetry.com/ He posts on caraudioforum.com and a lot of guys over there have gone through him. He makes great boxes and everybody over there is very happy with the results. His name is Phil and his screenname is MrCabinetry. Just ask him for a quote.

    I wouldn't bother with a cap. Just upgrade the "magic three". Changing the wires from: battery + to alternator, Batt - to ground, and engine block to ground to 2 guage should solve any dimming problems you might encounter. With the 600.1, you should be fine, it won't put too much strain on the electrical system.
  5. okay well right now it seems as if ill be going with 2 12'alpine Type R's. I still dont know if the 1200.1 is needed over the 600, but if i have enough cash i might be able to go with the 1200 anyways. Also, i still need advice on ported vs. sealed. i listen to both rap and rock, but i usually turn the bass down to half way when listening to rock. (too much bass with rock doesnt appeal to me) also, how much volume will i need with a ported and sealed box?
    Thanks guys, you're really helping me out!
  6. I can't remember off the top of my head for the ported, but I think about 1 cu. ft. or a little more like 1.2 sealed would work. I'll try to find the ported size and tuning freq. on my other computer. If you ran 600 watts to each in a sealed, it'll be more than enough bass for what type of music you listen to. delvryboy on caraudioforum ran the same combo and he said it sounded great, but I think he might use Resonant Engineering stuff now.

    If you want to get the 1200.1, you could use the dual 4ohm versions of the type-r and wire them in series-parallel to give you a 4ohm load on the amp. This'll give them 300 watts each, and if you think that it's not enough for you, just wire them parallel-parallel to give a 1ohm load on the amp and give them 600 watts each. BTW, the amp is 1ohm stable, and it doesn't give any more power if it's run at 1ohm or 2ohms. Check this site out for wiring options if you don't know already: http://www.jlaudio.com/tutorials/wiring/index.html#2dvcpp

    Hope this helps some. I'll try to dig up some info on the ported box for you. Type-R's can sound good in a ported box, but they're great in a small sealed box with a lot of power.
  7. I totally forgot, if you want another suggestion on a sub, these are the subs I plan on getting: http://www.woofersetc.com/product.asp?0=416&1=421&3=2185 They'll take 600 watts easy. I'm installing one 12" in my friend's s10 when he gets his amp. I was actually going to run the type-r's before I decided on PG. He got his ti12D for $79 somewhere, but I can't remember if it was woofersetc.com during their sale or not. They're great SQ woofers, and they'd sound great in a small sealed box. Not too many people run them, also. They used to retail for over 300, but I think they're being discontinued by PG. Just something else to look into. I think those subs paired with the 1200.1 would be a great setup.
  8. thanks for looking up the sealed box and ported sizes. that helps allot. btw when you say a small sealed box, do you mean that the box is very close to the suggested/required volume rather then larger then the suggested volume?
    p.s how much are my two impp 10 inch subs, in a sealed box, and the pioneer 400 watt amp worth? (model number posted above in a post) some kid i know wants them, and hes got deep pockets, and doenst know anythin about subs :nice: so i might be able to get a few extra bucks off of him. :rolleyes: how much should i sell them to him for?
  9. If you're going to run a lot of power to them, the bigger the box, the less the power handling of the sub. They perform well in the recommended size enclosure. For the ported size for the type-R, I think it's around 1.5-1.75 cu. ft. tuned to around 35 or 40Hz. Might be a lower tuning freq, though, I think that might be for the 10".

    As for selling the subs, they're selling on ebay for about 40 each, so try somewhere around there. For the amp, they're about 130 or so new, so as for like 60 bucks or so for it. Up to you really. I remember a long time ago before I knew better, my friend sold some subs like this: http://nexxon.com/funkypup/funkypup.htm in a piece of crap box to me for like $120. He probably knew he was screwing me over, but I didn't know until later that they were junk. If you haven't abused them, he's getting pretty good equipment. If he get's a new amp for the subs later, that amp would be perfect for a pair of components.
  10. okay thanks for the prices, ill ask him today about it today. this kids not exactly a friend of mine, so taking a few extra bucks off him wounldnt make me feel terrible..lol okay so hows this for a final set up: 2 alpine 12 inch type R's in a sealed box, with the 600 amp jbl amp? btw whats the volume for a sealed box with these subs?
  11. ttt. im almost set on what im getting, i just need to know if the 600 watt jbl amp will be enough to fully power 2 12' alpine type r's?
  12. Sorry, been busy last couple of days. That amp should be fine for the subs. If it's not loud enough, you could always port it. If you're running a basically stock system except for the subs, it'll definetly be loud enough for you.
  13. no need to appologize bbrinks. i appreciate all the help that you have given me. ill let you guys know what i finally end up doing.
    p.s last question, is www.ikesound.com a legit and good place to order the equipment from? i dont want to get scammed.
  14. If you want to get the amp, I'd recommend going through sounddomain.com. Just contact them about price matching ikesound's price. They price match their stuff and they're an authorized JBL dealer, so they carry JBL's warranty, unlike ikesound.
    Ikesound's not bad to go through, they just don't carry some companies warranties.

    Glad I could help, and hope everything works out for you.
  15. okay seems like this is the right amp: http://www.sounddomain.com/sku/JBLBP6001

    JBL PowerValve BP-600.1 Subwoofer Mono Amp

    sound domain has it for i belive about 260. hopefully ill be able to shave off a few extra dollars by matching it with ikesound.com