which ignition system would you guys pic

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by rx7speed, Dec 9, 2003.

  1. not looking for brand loyalty here but for specific reasons as to why you choose it

    the only ones I really know about are the MSD, Crane, Jacoubs

    and which mod would you choose from those brands
  2. MSD Digital 6+, for the money you can't beat it since it has so many features built into one nice unit. If you had a 6AL and bought all the modules to get the features of the Dig 6+ you would have a lot more money out.

    Buy the Dig 6+ in the begining and be prepared for the future....
  3. Stock system works fine as long as you aren't into NO2 or pressurized induction. Once you get past 400 HP naturally aspirated, you will need a better ignition.
  4. Ditto on the Duraspark for carb, EEC IV for the EFI - why upgrade? It will do you know good on a bolt on N/A car.
  5. Performance distributors makes a great 5.0 kit for like $220 i think that comes with screamin deamon ignition coil, live wires for either equal or unequal headers, brass cap and rotor, and their ignition module. DOnt forget to gap your plugs at .60 too. I have the coil and cap and rotor and love them. I plan on getting the wires to replace the crappy motorsport ones soon.
  6. which one puts out the most energy?

    and granted the gains might not be much N/A but still wouldn't mind having one just to get ready for when the day the turbo goes into the motor as well as see if I can get any help on the MPG and idle part
  7. I have run a Jacobs for 15 years, and it actually did increase gas mileage, etc. It has been dead reliable also.

    However, their tech help has been pretty poor, especially after you find out the tach won't work without and additional adapter. I had to buy two and experiment. They had no clue.

    The Jacobs does everything it was advertised to do, but next time I will probably go with MSD, because they seem to be more common and just as effective.