which intake for a 347

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which intake for 347

  1. Trick Flow R

    5 vote(s)
  2. Holley Systemax II

    7 vote(s)
  3. Edelbrock Victor

    1 vote(s)
  4. Edelbrock performer RPM

    9 vote(s)
  1. I know that I need a new intake for the next race season as I think I hit my hp limit with my little trick flow street heat intake on my deep-breathing 347 stroker. The RPM range that I am looking for is 2,000-6,000 rpm. I have heard thought that the advertised RPm for most intakes is for a regular 302 and the 347 shifts that range a little. Any suggestions?
  2. me wondering the sammee thing..i have a few posts up about it, shoul dbe on teh first 4 pages somewhere. I want to use my cobra with fully ported lower but i dunno...alot of people are saying go with the performer RPM
  3. PS. not many people like the 347 posts as ive found out lol :notnice:
  4. With the TFS-R, youll lower the powerband to maybe around 2300- 7000.
    I think the victor is for more rpm

    The holley seems to be right in the band you want though
  5. I voted RPM. It's what I'm going to use. You can spend a few more bucks and get the RPM II if you want....
  6. This wasn't in your poll, but have you considered a Trick Flow Track Heat? That's what I'm putting on the 347 I'm building right now. It's cheaper than the Edelbrock, and the RPM range isn't as high as some of the others you posted.
  7. trick flow

    I just put a r series intake on mine, but I am also going to be turning the motor a bit higher than you plan to.

    If you want to stay around 6000 rpms, I would say track heat if you want the trickflow intake. I'm not a big edelbrock fan, but for a lot of people they seem to work.

    if you go with the R intake you will more than likely have hood clearance issues.

    most aftermarket intakes will require a spacer for valve cover clearance as well. just a few things to think about.
  8. if I am thinking of adding nitrous eventually such as a 125-150 shot would that change which intake I might choose? If I have stock valve covers would the Trick Flow R intake have clearance issue with the hood or valve covers (stock hood)? I guess I am leaning towards the holley or the R intake right now.

    thanks guys for voting :hail2:
  9. which intake

    I like my holley on my 306. It pulls really hard from about 3,000-6,500. I think that the holley would be a good match for a stroker motor. I'm putting mine on my future 331. I would go for either a performer rpm II or the holley systemax II. Just my 2 cents worth though....... BTW, if you go with the holley I would pick up a 1 inch spacer as I had to get one to give some clearance between my stock valve covers and the upper.


  10. my experience

    I can't tell you about the stock valve cover clearance cuz I went with aftermarket rockers. But I can tell you that with the r intake and tall valve covers I needed a 1" spacer. this also means you will have hood clearance issues. No big deal to me since I had planned on a R hood for months now.
  11. The lower intakes on the Street Heat and Track heat are the same, aren't they?
    Couldn't you just get the Track Heat upper and save a few bucks? I was under the impression that the upper for the track heat just had shorter runners which raised the Power into the upper RPM range.
    Correct me if I'm wrong.....If it is true, could be a way to save a few bucks..More money for other go-fast parts... :flag:
  12. yeah, they use the same lower. I think you should go for the track heat. Like the other guy said, you'll save a couple bucks and its pretty much right in the range that you want. Your install be also be a alot easier to do, since you wont have to pull the lower intake. I really dont think you need the r series. If you were going for more revs, then definitely go for it
  13. I have a CHP 347 with AFR 185's. Right now I'm using the Cobra intake on my 95' vert. I'm thinking about the RPM II, of coarse I need a cam to match. Maybe a Comp XE282HR, I want to shift around 6250.
  14. This is almost the same combo I have. 331 w/AFR 185s, XE282HR. I can't decide between Systemax II or RPM II either! From what I hear, the Edelbrocks match the AFR heads better out the box compared to the Holley.
  15. What intake are you running? And how do you like the XE282HR?
  16. I have'nt finished assembly yet. I'm still gettin the car together & I can't decide which intake. I just read the latest 5.0 Mustang & the RPM II bettered the original RPM by 14 hp in the upper rpms, without losing much at all in the lower rpms. This was on a 347 w/a fairly mild cam. I believe my cam is supposed to rev to 6200 or 6400. I wish they would've added the Holley to that same test!
  17. PERF. rpm
  18. well, I picked up the Edelbrock Victor JR. Intake because I got a screaming deal. I picked up a slightly used one for $300. I am going to have to spin it a little higher than I originally wanted but that is ok. Hopefully, I will be able to shift at 6500 as 6700 is where I bumped my rev limiter to using my chip. I will let you guys know how it turns out next spring at the track. Maybe with a little juice I can run in the 10's.