which intake for a 347

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which intake for 347

  1. Trick Flow R

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  2. Holley Systemax II

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  3. Edelbrock Victor

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  4. Edelbrock performer RPM

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  1. Does anyone run the edelbrock victor 5.0 intake on a stroker motor? If so do you have any time slips or dyno sheets? Also what RPM did you shift at? And what heads do you run?
  2. I'm running the Performer RPM and am really happy with it.

    By the way, if you do go with this intake I have a NOS Big Shot system (up to 300 HP but to get 200 HP or more, an NOS-15805 fuel line assembly is needed) and timer delay box for sale.


    P.S. I'll be going to the dyno on Thursday.
  3. KB91notch347 you will have to let me know how the dyno run turns out as I am really curious. Next time will you post your sig too. I would love to pick the nitrous kit up know but my budget only allows for a big mod every couple of months and the intake takes the cake this month.

    P.S. what RPM are you shifting at the track
  4. I haven't been to the track yet. I've only had the 347 in for 2+ weeks. It came out of an 88GT (which is also for sale - custom 6 pt cage, full frame, line lock, race C-4, 3.73's, slicks & skinny's) which I bought from a friend. He would shift just before the stock rev limiter kicked in so he was probably "short shifting" by a few 100 RPMs. It ran 11.80's all day long without nitrous. Obviously, the motor is overkill for my car (stock T-5, axles, gears) at this point but like you I'm also on a budget.

    Re the nitrous system, I would sell it for a very reasonable price. The kit sells for $690 and the delay box for about $190 at Summit. Since the bottle is full I can't ship it so I would sell the rest of the kit and the delay box for $350 including shipping. You could probably buy a used bottle locally or on e-bay. The only problem is that I don't have any of the installation directions.

    > Next time will you post your sig too.

    My signature is there or are you asking for something else?
  5. Our engine combo's are failry similiar except I have the mismatch of smaller heads and larger intake. My cam is identical to yours though. I was hoping to get into the elevens too. Sorry, I must be blind, I did not see your sig earlier. The nitrous kit sounds nice but before I break into the 11's I got to get a roll cage first. rules, rules, rules...
  6. Yes, our combo's are similar. You also have long tubes which I wish I had. Just saw that you got a Victor intake. I don't know if my NOS system will work on it.

    I'll let you know how it goes on the dyno tomorrow.

  7. Are you running the stock axles?
  8. Just got back from the dyno. I'm running big time lean so I only did one pull. Also, because of the MSD box the RPMs were jumping all over so I couldn't get a very accurate torque number. Had I done another pull they said they could have changed the hookup for the RPM reading but since it was so lean I didn't want to take a chance.

    Anyways, I had 300 corrected, rear wheel horsepower at 5,000 RPM. We shut it down early because it was so lean.

    How lean you ask - how about almost 16:1 and according to the computer 19:1 at its worst! The strange thing was 3 of us didn't hear any detonation but when we pulled a plug it looked like it just came out of the box it was so white. I had checked the same plug last Saturday and it looked normal then. The only change since then was I replaced the old h-pipe that had rusted out where it met the tubes before the mufflers with a new x-pipe.

    My timing was set at a conservative 12*. The consensus was that with a 13.5:1 air/fuel, 15* timing, and going to 6,000 RPMs I should easily be at 375 HP.

    Fuel pressure was 40 the entire pull which should be plenty with 30lb injectors, right? I am running the stock computer so maybe I need some custom tuning???

    If anyone has some input I would greatly appreciate it. I may also copy this post to a new subject so as to get more responses.