Which Is Better Lightning 90mm Maf Or C&l 85mm?

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  1. I'm building a Dart based 363 and I'm trying to figure out which MAF would work better. I have a C&L 85mm that I bought used but a friend of mine said he has a Lightning 90mm that he can give to me. Is bigger better or would the C&L work better?
  2. That 90 won't work without a tune.
  3. Yeah, I know that. I was just wondering which one would actually work better.
  4. my tuner prefers the L MAF...
  5. The LMAF is OEM and designed specifically to have great low flow resolution for drivability. Assuming a tune is going to be done, hands down vote for the LMAF.
  6. It sounds like you're putting a lot of money into this build, so I don't think I'd skimp on the meter. You should be researching meters like the Pro M 92 or an ABACO 97. Yes, assuming you are using a quality meter that does a good job of measuring the airflow, bigger really is better for MAF meters. You absolutely don't want it to be any sort of a restriction to airflow.
  7. to a point i agree with this... only issue is when you start having resolution issues that cause driveablity issues.
  8. Agreed, that's why I said "a meter that does a good job of measuring airflow". You see a lot more people having issues with junk meters or malfunctioning meters than you do people with meters that are "too big", though.
  9. Yes, I am putting a lot of money into it and I'm coming to the point of getting the last few things for the motor and its starting to nickel-and-dime me to death. My budget it dwindling away quickly and I haven't even ordered my suspension parts yet. So, I'm just trying to find the best quality parts for the least amount of money....not cheap quality parts tho. Like I said I already have the C&L that I bought thinking it was a 90mm because thats how it was advertised on craigslist. Then I measured it and it turned out to be 85mm. But a friend of mine that used to be a Ford mechanic said he has a 90mm Lightning MAF that he'll give to me. So I figured bigger was better, I just wanted to check with you guys to see if there was something I didn't know. I'll be using the Lightning 90mm. Thanks guys!
  10. another thing to so is talk to the person who is going to be tuning it to see which he prefers
  11. I sure will.
  12. What system is the 85mm C&L designed for? It may actually flow better than the LMAF 90, since the sensor probe in the Ford unit is pretty invasive to the flow path. That said, of the two, I'd probably still go with the LMAF. Not sure how I feel about the C&L sampling tube gizmo.
  13. This dart based 363 going to be N/A? If so, you'r probably fine. If you plan on pairing it with any sort of forced induction, I'd worry about pegging that Lightning MAF meter.
  14. Just went on C&L site and the 85mm MAF is actually disigned for the lightning. :scratch:Hmmm
  15. The only power adder I'm planning to use is nitrous. But for the most part the car will be n/a.
  16. and the stock meter works better

    newer slot meters and the SCT meters are the big upgrades for the lightnings.