Roush which is faster 06 SC saleen 435hp, or 07 shelby GT500 500hp, 0-60, 1/4 mile.

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  1. I posed this question in the GT500 tech section, equal drivers, and stock to stock. I think it will be a drivers race, but a dude in the other section thinks the saleen will get dusted by the shelby. I think not. As a matter of fact, I think the saleen is just as quick if not quicker with 5lbs of boost, and a 4.6 vs 8lbs of boost and a 5.4. Of course this is all based on the magazine #s I have seen. They say 0-60 in 4.5 to 4.9. 4.9? with 500hp? The 300 horse GT does that. 1/4 in 12.2 (by evan smith), to 13.1 in C&D. I have a new SC saleen and of course am partial, but am buying a shelby also. What do you saleen guys think?
  2. The '05/'06 Saleen is 300-400 lbs. lighter. Ford now seems to underrate the HP numbers for the high-performance cars, which means the Shelby could be making more than they advertise. Whew! Hard to tell. I'm sure the Saleen will get-up and move faster from a dig, but I bet the Shelby will pull way harder on top end with the displacement advantage.
  3. Let's not forget that the 435 number will soon be 475 on the Saleen.
  4. Saleenbuyer, what do you mean, 435 will soon be 475? Are you saying the 06 is underrated?
  5. ....No, he is saying that the 07 model S281SC will be factor rated at 475hp!! Man that kinda makes me feel that my twins are not the big dogs they once were?? :(
  6. Not only will the 2007 be 475 but the 2006 owners can purchase the mod kit from Saleen for the same HP boost.

    edit: speedster... you know they'll make white ones in 2007 too :)
  7. So far all saleens have always been over-rated in HP numbers.
    The new ones still use that lousy eaton blower...
    On the other hand, the Shelby has more potential and most likely will make more power than advertised...
  8. My old 94 S-351R made 435RWHP bone stock, this is far more than the advertised 495hp at the motor.
  9. .....while I disagree with the comment that "ALL saleens have always been over-rated in HP numbers, Bart we really can't use your old speedster as an example. It's well known fact that all the emplyee/R&D/press vehicles almost always had exact juice running through them. Heck, my speedster put 470 to the ground on a bad clutch straight from Saleen. It was Tony's personnal car as well as the press vehicle. So to use that to dispute that statement is a little far fetched. With that being said, I've seen numerous examples of Saleens, stright off the lot, that were both underpowered and overpowered. This goes in direct line with every other type of vehicle. I could give you a list of vehicles that were notorious for being lemons but could also give you just as many examaples of those notorious vehicles going for 150,000 miles with no problems.......

  10. Don't worry Robert.

    It's all about the torque.:D
  11. You got that right Marcus!! Mark:nice:
  12. The Shelby, not to mention the shelby's potential is going to be absurd, i'll suspect we'll see some cars with 600rwhp, with a pulley, CAI, catback, and tune.

    I think we you get to this much power, from a factory fast standpoint you should just by mph, not quarter mile time.

    If saleen is going to bump the HP up to 475, i hope they plan on beefing up the internals, because the way the 05's and 06's sit, isn't going to put up with that much power for long.
    I was in search of a project engine, and considered using an 05/06 3 valve, and i found that the guys that exceeded 425-450 rwhp, blew them up.
  13. i am a bit confused; before the E came out, the S281 SC was rated at 495 hp in 2005

    i remember seeing this at Future Ford in Roseville, when i took my 99 in for an oil change, i went to go sit in the brand new chrome yellow 05 S281 SC with 495 hp

    now it is down to 435, supercharged, and the E has 550? When did this happen?
  14. weird

    at any rate, the Saleen 05 S281sc is faster than the GT500 on Project Gotham Raching 3 on Xbox 360, however, this was using the 475 hp rating for the shelby, and not the 500 hp rating it has now.

  15. weird

    at any rate, the 05 s281sc is faster than the 07 shelby gt 500 on Project Gotham Racing 3, but this is because the 07 was programmed in the game as having 475 hp, not 500.
  16. A project gotham racing fan, interesting.
    Let me know when you wan to run on the full F1 circuit.
  17. would you care to let me know about the F1 circuit, since I am absolutely clueless about what you are referencing?

    do you play it on Xbox live or what? which platform is it?
  18. PG3, is only on the 360, i believe.

    Nurdensburg ring, Full F1 circuit is the track (there's alot of nurdensburg ring tracks).

    I spent the entire winter on PGR3 online on xbox live.