Roush which is faster 06 SC saleen 435hp, or 07 shelby GT500 500hp, 0-60, 1/4 mile.

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by rans00vert, Jun 26, 2006.

  1. oh, ok
    send me your gamertag somehow and i will look for you

    that game, btw, for all those not having played it, is one sweet racing game that provides a high quality of realism in terms of graphics and technique--accelerating, turning, cornering, and braking--and it is well worth your video-playing time.
  2. jcar302

    Be prepared, also make sure you've purchased all the extra cars, because sometimes it keeps you out of races if you don't have them.
    If you haven't yet, goto the market and purchase the first race pack, and the cadillac pack. Gonna cost you like 7 bucks.
  3. I think it always goes back to the axiom "theres no replacement for displacement" 5.4 Litres blown will beat 4.6 litres blown. I realize the weight differance but my bet is on the Shelby, hands down.
  4. Boy that Shelby name is better than drugs. The GT500 has an extra 471 lbs to drag round. It can't even beat a 400hp C6 over the quarter. The Saleen will certainly out-handle it.

  5. My 01 s281sc made advertised horsepower

    New saleens use a whipple supercharger, far superior to any eaton

    Shelby's are making 440rwhp stock but stock with a new tune they pick up gobs of horsepower. Cars with a full exhaust and kenne bell have pulled 800rwhp on 20psi with nothing else done to them. The 5.4 4v in that vehicle is bad ass, but it handles poorly. The saleen handles ALOT better, but the shelby goes faster. THe best of both worlds is the S281E...has the horsepower, looks, and speed. Thank goodness the ford dealers ruined the bang for the buck of the shelby and made it in the "E" price range.