Which is the best engine paint?

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  1. I am about to paint my engine and engine bay and have the paint for the engine bay (Eastwood underhood black) other Eastwood paint for parts but what is the best paint (Aerosal for the engine)? Mine is a 65 so it will be black. Thanks
  2. I have had best results with regular acrylic car paint sprayed out of a gun. Paints out of an aerosol can are so thin they dont coat that well, unless you put coat after coat over several days. I would imagine eastwood has some engine paint that you can spray out of a gun, that would be the best solution. We farm and have power units, basically an engine that runs out in the middle of a field all summer pulling an irrigation well, they are painted with regular old John Deere acrylic, they look great for years and sit out in the weather and heat. Anyway, just my two cents.
  3. I was going to sugest something from Eastwood myself.
  4. Guess I will stick with Eastwood. Thanks guys.
  5. Thats what i use, never had a issue with heat or fluids.
  6. Regardless of what you use the enigne has to be squeaky clean or the paint will delaminate, probably sooner than later. I usually use a single stage urethane but I assume you don't have the spray equipment since you asked about spray bombs. POR 15 makes an engine enamel that you can brush on so you don't need any high tech equipment, and they make it in the proper color shades for most cars. I haven't used it myself but I have used their regular rust stuff and it flows out very nicely when brushed on.
  7. Not Aerosal, LOL and make sure you prime it first.
  8. Any of the rattle can paints. I don't even use primer. How well it holds up is dependent mostly on how clean the block is. Lots of lacquer thinner and a toothbrush. It needs to be "white glove" clean.
  9. I agree, I brush painted an engine a few years ago, as a 'quickie', and it turned out to be one of the best paint jobs I ever put on an engine. I used POR-15's engine enamel. Takes over an hour to get tacky, several days to dry enough to run the engine, but even the stamped steel parts don't show a single brush mark. $22 for a pint, but that was way more than enough for one engine, and it's held up for years.

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  10. I did duplicolor ceramic engine enamel + clear, and let me say im very pleased with the results...its held great for 4 years now.

    My $.02
  11. POR-15 is what I got in the quart size just to make sure I have enought but have not use it yet. I will be using a brush to put it on. But will have to get the engine good and clean and I have most of the parts off of the engine and replacing most parts and repainting everthing under the hood. All Eastwood. IMO, they have the best. I got the gloss black for my 65/ 289. Underhood paint for the inner fenders. Got the right gold paint for the air cleaner and valve covers, new wires and the works. The car is staying all stock. John