Which is the best set of heads for the moeny?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by latham83, Dec 20, 2003.

  1. hey after i do a compression test, and everything turns out ok out with my stock engine,
    i have plans for a new upper and lower intake, maybe gt40, replacing all gaskets and fluids..just a whole tune up..and i want to get a new set of heads with valvetrain. what should i buy?? or what are ppl putting on? what would be the right combo for me...
    whats the right combo for a new set of heads/valvetrain, and also a set of headers, and intakes for my car.... if keeping the stock cam, and pistons, and everything else....
  2. It depends how fast your looking to go man. You can look for some used GT40 or GT40p heads for in the $300-$400 range. Those would be the only iron heads i'd use for the money. If money isn't an issue you could look into some Trickflows, afr 165's or some edelbrocks. I run the trickflows and i'm extremely happy with them and my combo.
  3. my local machine shop ported the exhaust side of my heads for 75, and im doing the intake side myself.
  4. trick flow twisted wedge heads....intake and cam,
  5. AFR's. I wouldn't even bother with iron heads or redoing your stockers. The AFR's are CNC'd so they offer repeatable performence from head to head. The edels and TW's ports vary from head to head from casting differences. After years on the market as a one of a few makers Edel even realised there chambers and ports weren't the greatest and redid them for 20-30 more HP (basicly cleaned up some poor machine work and unshrouded the intake valves). The early TW's had junk valve guides so stay away from used ones, buddy just put $1200 into his used ones to get them back up to snuff.

  6. Ok but if i went with AFR heads which ones do i want..theres a couple diff. ones...i want low end torque more then anything..but all over performance too...
    doesnt have to be the best most expensive set...i want them to go RIGHT On too..fully assembled..no mods...
    do i have to get specifics ones to match my intake??? which ones do i want..thanks
  7. go afr 165's and edelbrock performer rpm intake.. match well together
  8. What do you guys think of the FMS GT-40X heads?