Engine Which Models Had The Tall Block 2.3 Turbo?

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  1. Question for the 2.3 turbo Mustang fans here. The SVO, as well as certain Thunderbirds, and XR4ti's had a taller block version of the 2.3 and overall better build for performance. Anyone know the exact versions/models that had this particular motor compared to the standard ford 2.3?
  2. I've heard of the tall block, but I was under the impression that all of the factory offerings in those cars were standard 2.3l blocks.
  3. None. The tall block was a Motorsport-only part, and if you can find one nowadays it will run you in excess of $4000.
  4. the original tall deck is hard to find, I just sold one... but!!!! esslinger has made a run of 2 batches of new talldeck blocks that can be bored to 4inches and they come with thicker webbing and billit main caps... they cost 2300 plus shipping and right now through December are on sale for 2000 even........ that's a deal... wish I had the spare cash for one myself....
  5. Yeah, none of them. The "tall deck" 2.3 block was strictly an aftermarket race part sold through Ford Motorsport. All, and I mean all production Lima 2.3s from 1974 through 1997 have the same deck height. The 2.5L that it replaced it from '98-00 also had the same deck height. In addition, all the 2.3T longblocks from 1983-1989 were mechanically identical.

    Seems like a strange question to ask and then disappear...