Which Muffler To Get. Need Some Help!!!

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by bassett72, May 11, 2012.

  1. Making this decision is driving me crazy... View attachment 149943

    I've been doing countless hours of research trying to find the perfect muffler for the sound I'm looking for on my 1997 SVT Cobra.

    I think I've narrowed it down to either one of the following, but not set on them if there is something else that would do the job:
    Flowmaster Super 44
    Flowmaster Delta Flow 40

    Magnaflow XL Turbo
    Magaflow PN#11235

    What I want (and yes I know it isn't the way most would go), but is to replace JUST the muffler and leave the rest stock.
    The sound I want is a fairly deep, loud, old school mustang muscle car sound on the inside, but I don't want to create hearing problems on the inside of the car. Ideally, it would be great if the sound was there (on the outside) at idle AND when getting on it/letting of it, but if I have to sacrifice the idle sound, that is fine.

    I know, I'm picky, anal, whatever, but I can't change that after 40 years of life. :cool:

    I'm tired of calling manufacturers and dealers and thought I would turn to the true experts, the owners.

    Anyone have some good direction to give me? I appreciate it in advance if there is anything you can do to help me out.

  2. I replaced just the mufflers with the rest all stock. I went with magnaflows and had them welded in by a local muffler shop for $250 parts and labor. No drone great sound when getting on it and a little louder than stock in normal driving.
  3. Do you know which Magnaflow you went with? XL Turbo or some other Part Number?
  4. I had Flowmaster 40's and they were very irritating at 2000-2200 rpm's droning to the point where I wanted to drive off of a cliff. I replaced them with Magnaflows off of a 99 Cobra catback and they have a nice deep sound and no drone.
  5. Well, I'm just going to pull the trigger and go with the Magnaflow XL Turbo (3 chamber design). I hope the mufflers along will get me the sound I'm looking for. I believe this is the same muffler each of you have. Thanks for the input guys. I appreciate it....
  6. I know that the ones I got, you could look straight through them...

    I do not remember the model but they were $250 installed, a few years ago.