Which mufflers and cats for the stang?

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  1. What do you think are the best cats and mufflers to put on a v6 stang? And what would I expect to pay for them?

    I am going to convert my 1 pipe to dual exhaust and I want to get good stuff.

    Before the crash I did a search and Flowmaster 40 or 50 kept coming up for mufflers.

    Any other tips for doing the exhaust on my stang?
  2. MagnaFlows!!
  3. MAC has a dual exhuast for the v6
  4. Before the server crash I remember several people mention that the cheapest option would be to have a custom set installed by a exhaust shop.

    I know from experience that many shops don't like to install other manufacturer's systems. You may end up paying almost as much for installation as you would for the parts + install. If you let a shop do everything, you can probably negotiate a good package price. If you do the install yourself, though, this isn't an issue.
  5. I have a guy that has his own shop and can do the custom job. I just wanted to get an idea of what others thought were the best mufflers and cats.
  6. Supposedly, the single most restrictive point in most car’s exhaust systems are the catalytic converters. There is also a huge difference in the design and cost of various CATs. For example, a replacement cat for my old BMW 325e ran about $1000+ for an OEM unit! Apparently, this is due to the much greater concentration of platinum, palladium and other precious metals in the converter than there is in cheapo units from JCWhitney, etc. More catalyst = more efficient reduction of CO, NO and HC levels. Better Cats can usually be designed less restrictive since the exhaust doesn’t have to contact the internal grid for extended periods to fully oxidize the emissions.

    I would check the flow specs on any cats you intend to fit onto your vehicle to assure that they flow better than the stock units, before you dump a big wad of cash out for them. Also be aware that they may not be as efficient as the stock units if they flow better, so you may have inspection problems in the future.

    A twin pipe setup (w/ the original cats) will probably reduce the backpressure substantially but don’t go too large on the diameter. Two 2 ¼ pipes is probably plenty for the V6, don’t go larger than 2.5”, tops. After that, you can install tuned headers and/or less restrictive cats. However, I don’t think this will be necessary unless you also perform mods which greatly increase the airflow (ie: supercharger, high RPM cams/timing/tune running mods, etc).

    If/when I make any engine mods, it will probably just be a catback twin pipe setup and CAI (cold air intake). These 2 mods (+ maybe a tune) will let it breath a whole lot better, rev a lot higher and thus produce a lot more power. HP = torque * rpm / 5252. I figure 240 to 250 HP from these mods alone.

    But, first things on my car will be tires, springs and rear bar.
  7. Ditto on the MagnaFlow...(IMHO).

  8. Triple the opinion on the Magnaflow! :)

    Cost is dependant on the style cat-back or axle-back set-up. Check their website for current retail and availability when you are ready to order.

    Flowmasters are acceptable and the 40 series has a very throaty sound.

    NJStangpilot pretty much hit home on the operational aspects of the cats. I would honestly wait on those. A good rule of thumb for these kinds of mechanical changes is one item at a time. This helps to to rule out and locate any mechanical problems that occur after a modification.

    Start at the rear of the vehicle and work towards the front unless you are going to drop new exhaust manifolds on, replace the catalytic converters, pipes and muffler in one swoop. Also, as has been well documented and discussed, the ECU/PCM (EEC system) in the 05 is a picky little Son of a.....nominal and moderate modifications are going to require a flash and retune to obtain optimal performance out of the modification and to make it run as a cohesive unit with the existing modulated components. :( nature of the beast.

    Last time I looked at the websitre the 4.0L products had not been released yet. The Magnapack for the 4.6L is running around $700. They will have a dual set-up that will probably run around $650-700. It has not been released yet, although they do have a product number..so that is a good sign. :)

    The Magnaflow is just a great, solid product with all Stainless Steel construction. It is Mandrel-Bent, so it provides for clean, even exhaust exit and sound. The Cat-Back Exhaust System has Polished Stainless Steel Tips..... and who can complain about that for less than $1,000.


    Have fun...I am waiting on the single axle back unit myself.

  9. The stock V6 system is well designed for oem. Buying a catback that splits the single into a dual will net vwey little for hp gains.

    Im waiting for a true dual system to be offered. Look at the pypes website and check out thier system for the 3.8 Stang. Its a true dual setup from the exhaust manifolds back. I e-mailed them about a 4.0 system, they say its not even on the drawing boards yet and check back with them around Nov.

    Another issue is the single outlet bumper cover. I tried to order rear mudflaps today and found out there is different p/n's for the V6 and V8. I want the V8 rear bumper cover and I want mudflaps.

    So, it looks like I have to wait for everything. I added the stock 17in GT rims on my car, and I can see that they will mess up the paint behind the wheels.

    It seems like everything is harder for us V6 people.
  10. Twofocused,

    Yes, we V-sixers have to wait a little longer than the V-8 demographic. It is nice to see that with the advent of this new 05 though, we will have more options for modifications than before, it is just going to take the manufacturers a little longer to pull the specifications and tooling process together for the V-6. They will also be looking at how many of us are making the modifications and start releasing more products as they see the market. The V-6 has for so many years been coined as the "Secretaries Mustang"...It largest demographic has historically been females between the ages of 20-35. The V-8 long cornered the market for modification products since its main market was males between the ages of 20+... LOL

    Patience..I am right there with you...

  11. I have been so close to buying a V6, mainly because of gas prices and insurance worries. Plus I was really impressed with the performance of the V6, especially with a manual transmission. But the exhaust is the main thing holding me back, besides the fact that I'd like for mine to be 'special' somehow. If I KNEW for sure that I could get mine modded to sound like I think it should, then I'd get one and try to fix up the exterior cosmetics to my own tastes. I just don't know..... :(
  12. now i dont think of myself as a secretary. and i have been defending myself to the v8 crowd for about a week. the fact is i realy didnt care much for the body style of the late 70s to now but when i saw this one i liked it. as for v8-6 6 worked best for me. and my sons and i are having fun doing mods. stripes sequential lights and others. i am going to do some performance mods but i am just waiting also. i think i am going to install the mac CAI and exaust but the CAI wont be ready for 3 weeks so i have heard. thwy are only 40 min from my house so i will go pick them up when ready that way i can talk to them and go over stuff. i also am interested in an underdrive pulley system but i guess ill have to wait. i have a friend at the ford dealer where i got my car (he is a team leader) so mods that would be questionable on war are no prob. sorry about the off topic a little i guess im a little tired of waiting too!
  13. Go For It..........I love my V6 (5spd.) and I'll Mod it like I want too. Just wait till the factory war. goes.....then look out! The sky is the limit. BTW, If you want to hear what the potential of this 4.0 V6 has, just listen to some of the 4.0 V6 Ford Ranger Trucks. I have heard a few that sound incredible. My $0.02
  14. I dont like the Magnaflow exhaust at all. It makes the Mustang sound like a Supra or a japanese sixer.
  15. Have you ever run them on anything?? Magnaflows are great sounding mufflers!!!
  16. Steeda is using the Magnaflow on their production six cylinder cars
  17. i ordered the gt muffler take offs on ebay both of them were 69 bucks plus 39 shipping i just installed the pass side for now bolted right up fifteen min in the driveway. ill wait for a good cold air and for my chip set to get here befor i put on the other one. sounds good and seems to breath better
  18. i ordered the gt muffler take offs on ebay both of them were 69 bucks plus 39 shipping i just installed the pass side for now bolted right up fifteen min in the driveway. ill wait for a good cold air and for my chip set to get here befor i put on the other one. sounds good and seems to breath better
  19. No I havent, not in person. Im talking about the sound clip on Magnaflows website. It sounds like a Supra!