which mufflers?

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  1. Im going to get my dual exaust done by a local shop but im trying to find the right mufflers i want. Im am looking at the flowmaster super 40 series mufflers. But i don't know which one i'm supposed to get. because they have different ones with different offsets and in/out diameter size. what should i get?
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    It all depends on what your muffler shop uses. Because they will be dualing it, they will most likely be changing the stock size. so you are going to have to ask them what size to get.
  3. oh.ok thanks. sorry. im still kinda new to the forum thing. i'll try the search first next time

  4. Just tell them Series 40.. The diameter of your stock pipe is 2.5... Have them install a MagnaFLOW (XPIPE-2.5).. They will match the mufflers up to the system..