Which Mustang Magazine to buy?

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Which Mustang Magazine is better?

  1. Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords

    20 vote(s)
  2. 5.0 Mustang and Super Fords

    31 vote(s)
  1. So which is the better magazine, Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords or 5.0 Mustangs and Super Fords? I had a subscription of MM&FF for a year, but they seem to be going downhill a little. Is 5.0 Mustangs a better magazine? I'm sure I'll end up subscribing to both, but I just wanted opinions.
  2. I subscribe to both, and in the past MM&FF was the best of them all but lately I prefer 5.0, and no, its not because I'm in it. They have come a long way and offer a lot more content now. I also subscribe to mustang enthusiast magazine, but I will not be renewing my subscription to it. It cost more than 5.0 and offers WAY less. What really made me mad was in their most recent issue they used the seat-o-pants meter to rate a nitrous install... sorry but that doesn't cut it for me. If I'm paying for a subscription along with many others, dyno or track test the damn thing or don't write an article on it. It just struck a nerve with me, he same happens on the boards when people make claims they can't back up with proof.
  3. I subscribe to both. MM&FF is turning into a parts catalog. I still like them both though.
  4. Yeah, a lot of ads are in MM&FF, but I still like it.
  5. Ditto, I get both magazines. They both have there good and bad months. Lately I prefer 5.0 but that will probably change. I wish they would do some engine builds and dyno testing on the 351/393/427 efi motors. Its seems they are focusing on the same simple bolt ons over and over.

    And does body have any opinion on the new Mustang Enthusiast magazine? I recently received a subscription flyer in the mail........ still thinking about subscribing.
  6. Jerry, did you read my post?
  7. They are sister magazines, so whatever you see in one as far as feature cars you will probably see in the other. One may release a feature on a select car first, but eventually they both get around to putting the same material out. I personnally buy both off the newstand every month, I know it is more expensive that way, but I guess I really don't care. My favorite at the moment is MM&FF.
  8. I like MM&FF, especially after the Giant cylinder head test they did. That gave me a ton of info. I also prefer all the adds since I have to do most of my parts purchasing via mail order. They are both great magazines though.

    I got a $10 subscription to Mustang enthusiast, pretty cheap. Its not that great of a magazine, but one of the writers told me at the World Ford challenge that the issues would get larger over time.
  9. I get both of them. MM&FF has some pretty hard core stuff while 5.0 doesn't most of the time.
  10. I get em both too....along with Maxim and Stuff. :nice: Makes for a pretty expensive purchase at the local Mikes Mart.
  11. another vote for 5.0 mustang and super fords :nice:
  12. im al 5.0 mustang super fords. Heck my subscription for a year was only 12 bucks.
  13. I was getting both. I may just start getting MM&FF now though. Im sick of reading alot of the same stuff . These magazines remind me of playboy. You get 1 or 2 good stories and then the rest of it is ads and stupid stuff.

    No I dont get playboy. The soon to be wife would kill me!

  14. Both here, and I like the ads!
  15. SO Whats the current situation on the magazines... still split or has one started to surpass the others???
  16. dah i don't wanna get both, but the longer i wait the more i miss
  17. im partial to 5.0!

    But also enjoy the tech in MM%FF
  18. in both: 60%ads, 30% drag cars :(, 10% pimped out fast street cars :D
    I chose to subscribe to 5.0 b/c only a dollar and issue :nice:
  19. I heard theres a new one out, Mustang Enthusiast, heard it was good