Which next exhaust or throttle body

Mike in Texas

New Member
Nov 7, 2005
Here's a question for a buddy. He's got a stock 89 convertible with a newly installed Vortech V3 making ~6-8 psi boost. He want's to know if he'll get more HP/$ if he installs a bigger throttle body and MAF, or opens up his stock exhaust (does have magnaflow mufflers, everything else is stock).
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waiting for the next hack atta
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Nov 22, 2001
Motor City
Exhaust, no questions. On my 4.6L 2001 GT, I gained 36RWHP with an H-pipe and Cat-back. No tune either, I used MIL to shut off my light. Tuner said maybe another 5-8RWHP with tune, so I went the cheap route.