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  1. I plan on supercharging my mustang real soon, and am having seriously the hardest time deciding which route I want to take. The choice I am trying to make is between a Procharger D1SC vs. a Kenne Bell 2.1 (intercooled). I guess my main question is which is quicker, and I know Kenne Bell makes boost sooner, but does it still have boost drop off towards the top giving way to the procharger.
  2. Do a search the subject has been already discussed in depth.

    Do you own research to determine what is best for your application.

    If you have a specific question, please ask it.
  3. I did kinda have a specific question, which of the two is faster from a stop and a roll.

    And on a separate note, what is the main difference between the d1sc and the p1sc...is it just efficency?
  4. Too many variables to simply tell you which one is faster. They both can be made fast, but the KB will be more fun on the street. For the differences between the d1 and p1 look here http://www.procharger.com/models.shtml
  5. just be sure you plan for the future. If you want a SC that is capable of 700WHP, don't get a vortech s-trim (obviously). Like Jstreet said, KB will be more fun on the road. Kenne bell is quite expensive though.
  6. Instant boost means instant HP and TQ, and the HP still keep rising at high rpm for the KB. Not to mention boost-for-boost it will make more HP all over the power band than a centri, including at peak rpm. So how would you feel to have a "Viper like" or ZO6 like (the new 505HP 7.0L) block in your stang?
    Vortech is not even worth looking at, they average a lousy 370rwhp peak at ~9psi on stock block... Just look around for numbers !
  7. Numbers don't mean anything if your not a good driver :rolleyes:

    Plus a lot of people like the top end power of the Vortech/paxton/procharger kits. It's personal preferance really. And a lot of people can't afford KB.
  8. procharger is the best one and something better is turbo but in centrifugal charger #1-procharger #2-paxton #3-vortech #4-powerdyne!
  9. Street - KB
    Track - Twin Turbo

    Screw vortech, paxton, powerdyne, and procharger.
  10. I am gonna have to agree...

    To me KB > *

    //waits for teh GearBanger to come in here and start smacking us around... :D
  11. to answer you question the most important thing u need to tell us is how much your willing to spend. if u dont tell us that, youll never get a clear answer from us or yourself