Which part makes the exhaust so loud ?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by slay2k, Nov 3, 2004.

  1. And yet you continue to amaze us with your ignorance and keep posting with the most informative posts I have ever read....anywhere.

  2. :lol:
    well no one has a sense of humor anymore do they.
    put a stock cat back on there, it is the cheapest and easiest thing to tame that sweet sound

    ps: I will never buy foreign
  3. how do u consider a TT 350z lightly modified?

    ...just wondering :D
  4. Yeah - chucky is an idiot. He spews useless crap. Is your exhaust too loud inside the cabin or do you think it is too loud outside? It's really a combination of the whole thing. You headers will make the internal cabin exhaust niose louder. Your best bet is probably those baffles otherwise.
  5. when i first got my car is was bone stock. i started with spin-tech pros and that didnt get me where i wanted. but i bet that is about where u want to be. i put an o/r h on there and BY GOD IT'S LOUD NOW. but thats where i wanted to be. my best friend has a 99 with an o/r h and dyno max, and it MUCH quiter than my car. and the only difference between the 2 are the mufflers, so u can go either way. i would try the mid pipe first cause its a simple BOLT-ON part. u can find a stock mid pipe CHEAP, and have it on within an hour. if thats not what u want, then go spend alittle money and get u some different mufflers. id just hate for ya to spend the money on mufflers first and that not do the trick for ya.
    im just throwing fuel in the fire
  7. Cand we ban him or something? I dont want to get this guys post closed but we may have to.