Which Pistons Should I Use In My Block?

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  1. I have a 96 Explorer motor that I tried putting together as a low budget motor for my Mustang, Just the stock motor with the Mustang cam and TFS valve springs. I put it together and in then found the oil pressure dropped to about 5lbs after it warmed up so now I have it back out and apart again. I have a set of pistons from an older motor ( 87 Mustang ) that had the forged pistons and could put those in or I can use the ones from the Explorer, what are the pros-cons of using the forged or the Hypers as a daily driver that won't get Nitrous or a power adder? I am going to take my crank to get cleaned up at a machine shop then replace the bearings and rings before it goes back together.
  2. What is your goal? What heads and cam are you using. Have you had the pistons checked out? Considering a new set of pistons is less than $200 I'd rather not use old ones- especially old explorer ones.
  3. as long as they are in good shape, either set of pistons will do just fine for you, since you are not going to lean on this motor very hard.
  4. Take both sets to your machinists abd have him look at them. If you are getting your crank ground and polished now is the time to have the little end of your pistons matched to the crank. If you are getting the whole assembly balanced( cost extra but worth it imho) he will need your pistons for that.
  5. excellent suggestion, i agree with balancing the rotating assembly, it is well worth the expense.
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  6. The first engine I put together I passed on this. Dropped the coin on the next one and it was truly worth the cash. It's like the difference between a diesel and a singer sewing machine.
  7. How much does that cost to have done?
  8. gt40 heads, stock mustang cam, just had the motor running but didn't have enough oil pressure due to the bearings are wasted so now I have to get the bottom end taken care of, ran fine and didn't smoke
  9. Not much. I want to say it cost me another 80 bit that was years ago. I can't really remember the exact number
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  10. Does anyone know of an auto parts store that loans out cam bearing installing tools?
  11. I'll check the price tomorrow when I go there, want this done RIGHT this time and don't want to go thru pulling it again, might need to get in some more overtime at work!
  12. $48 for polishing, $95 if it needs ground and $200 total for balancing...........wish I had the extra money but was told no more overtime for a while. I do have some extra intakes that might be worth something in scrap aluminum, and I have no use for them so they will be scrapped on Friday.
  13. So 200 total for all the above? That's not bad.
  14. that's a decent price- have them provide you with the size of the bearings you need to get. Are they doing the balance to 50, 28 or 0 . Stock on the mustang is 50 . Bring them in your balancer and flywheel to look at while you are at it.
  15. I would assume if he's using his stock flywheel and balancer they will dial it in at 50oz