Which rims for my white mustang?

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  1. Chrome Deep Dish Bullitt Wheels (18x10)

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  2. Chrome Saleen (18x10)

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  1. Something about the White and Black bullits...Got a tuff look to it...Plus think of the money youll save... :nice:
    On the other hand i for one have a woody for a set of the Saleens myself...damn nice looking wheel...
  2. Definatley the deep dish bullits. Everone and their brother has the saleens (no offense to anyone). But the bullits do look much better. Also before you get the wheels (i don't see it on your mod list) but you have to lower that car dude. I see a lot of guys around here with 18in saleen wheels on a non-lowered car and it looks bad being raised up like that.
  3. I think you have it backwards their are only a few stangs I have seen here on corral and up and down the Fl coast but a crap load of bullits.
  4. I've never seen a mustang (in person) with saleens, i've seen quite a few with bullit's :shrug:
  5. I think it's just my area. I live near a dragstrip and a big meeting place for mustangs in the tri-state area so I see a lot around here. I love how they look don't get me wrong. I wanted them some myself before, who knows I might end up with a set. Just wanted to say though I thought the deep dish bullits look a little bit better in my opinion. I really don't mean to offend anyone with saleen wheels and/or a non-lowered car. ****, i still have stock wheels on mine, lol.
  6. check out my avatar, thats what you need. WHITE COBRA R"S