Which S197 set up do you like better?

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  1. from those two videos, they both sound REALLY similar. My edge would go to the second video with the Flowmaster. It has more kick in the low end, that deep growl, which is what i like.
  2. I agree. The second one is beefier.
  3. Another vote for the Flowmaster set up.....although given more options, I'm sure I'd like something else over both of them. Down low, they both sound like old pickup trucks IMO? :shrug:
  4. It's interesting, people on the forums frequently say "h-pipes sound deeper and more muscular than x-pipes". That's just the generally accepted rule on the forums. But to me, those two videos do sound a bit truckish to me. Granted, that could just be due to the fact that I'm used to the offroad X and GT500 mufflers on my car, but compared to my car, those do sound a bit unrefined to me.

    I chose an offroad x for the power and GT500 muffs to avoid drone. Here's what mine sounds like:

  5. Got an extra set of GT500 mufflers handy? It's an idea I've been throwing around for my Fox for just the same reason. How well do they control the drone?

    ...and I'm not gonna lie. It was a little hot watching that brunette speed shift your car like that. :D
  6. Dude, if I ever switch my mufflers I'd give these ones to you, but shipping to ontario would be obscene! I just called one of my customers in Ottawa a couple weeks ago and it cost me $12! That's nutty!

    Anyway, the GT500s have ZERO drone, which is exactly what I wanted. I drive my kids to school and pick them up every day in this car. It needs to have a reasonable exhaust note. (unlike my other Mustang :D)

    As for the brunette, if you think that was hot... the best part was when she got back and she was all giddy. She said "I REALLY LIKED THAT!" She rarely ever drives my cars, so when I tossed her the keys and told her to get on it, it was like an amusement park ride for her. :burnout:
  7. Cool...keep me apprised. I'm sure whatever the shipping costs are, they have to be cheaper than buying them outright.

    lol at the Brunette. Wife, Girlfriend...Employee...other? Go ahead...you can tell us....it won't go any further than the internet. ;)
  8. Will do.

    The Brunette is my wife. She's a good woman. She puts up with a lot of **** from me and doesn't complain much. Definitely a keeper.
  9. Im gonna go with Sharad's set up as being superior to the two original videos. Those just sound like noise to me.
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