Suspension which shocks and struts should I go with?

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  1. I installed a set of KYB AGX's a while back I will never get them again. Anyone reccomend a shock and strut set up? I currently have the Ebioch pro spring kit with the KYB's.o_O
  2. I like Strange 10-ways for street-strip cars and Koni Yellows for street-roadrace cars.

    My daily driver 2004 GT had the Eibach Pro Springs & Strange 10-ways and it was a nice setup. Nice and comfy with good traction in a straight line when the dampeners were set soft, but with I tightened them up, it cornered like crazy!
  3. Agree with Sharad if you're doing any kind of racing and need the adjustable stuff. If you're just daily driving I'm particularly fond of the Bilstein HD series stuff. I run Bilstein all around including quad shocks on my 00' Vert and I love em.
  4. KYB's are practically stock replacments.

    Koni, Strange, Tokico, Ford Racing, Bilstein are some better options.
  5. Thanks guys, I will look into these different set ups. The car is not a daily driver, I had the car for 7 years now and put about 19k miles on it. I do a test n tune night at the track once in a while. Other than that, ill take it out for a cruise to the shore.
  6. What did you not like about the KYB AGX shocks and struts?

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  7. I'm running Koni Yellows with H&R "race" springs. Real happy with 'em.

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  8. Dave0803-The ride quality did not last long at all. A very rough ride after about 1000miles if that. They are adjustable, but I can't tell the difference between the soft and firm settings.
  9. im new and dont know to much about stangs but why cant you put aftermarket springs on the stock strut.
  10. I like the Strange 10 ways.
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  11. One thing that I have noticed is that the driver side rear of the car sits slighty lower than the passenger side. I replaced everything at the same time. Wonder what could cause this?