which short shifter should i get ?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by xbajbusx, Jul 7, 2006.

  1. ok im looking to get short shifter for 98 cobra ,which one should i get ?
  2. I got one and installed it on my GT, it was super sweet. I currently have a Pro 5.0 in my Snake (Came installed when I bought the car - has T-56 6 Speed) and I hate it. Considering the 6 Speed MGW shifter, just need to hear from those that have acquired this particular unit because if it is as good as the 5 Speed shifter, I'm getting me one!
  3. :nice: +3 on the MGW. Go over to SVTP and order the gasket set from Cobra Bob.
  4. MGW is the best.........

    Had Steeda, Pro 5.0, MGW hands down winner.......!
  5. Yep, forgot to mention those. I have Cobra Bob's gaskets and they have been very good to me. :D
  6. I also have a MGW and a cobrabob gasket.....worked out good and I love the crisp firm shifts
  7. Do they still offer three different types/sizes of handles now? I know when they first came out you could get red or blue. Then they went with the orange only.

  8. mgw, hands down where did the orange handle come from?!?!
  9. they don't offer the red or blue now just the orange.....I lucked out and found the red and blue on eBay...I am using the blue and now have no use for the red and orange lol
  10. ah, gotcha. wonder why they quite red and blue? I have the red, had the choice when I got mine.
  11. yea they should make all 3 and give you the option....Maby the red and blue will be worth $$$ some day lol

    MGW make to handle now, the orange and a plain colored one that is similaler to the old blue.

    Red and blue does not work on the new shifter base...........
  13. the orange is supposed to combine the easy reach of red and shorter throw of blue
  14. hmm might have to try the orange shifter out some day.
  15. the red and blue will fit the new base..... I have pics to prove. My shifter came with the orange handle and I found the red and blue later on on ebay