which short shifter should i get ?

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  1. sorry for the big pics...but cardomin wasn't working right now and theese are from photobucket
  2. Frome MGW

    hey guys,

    well with the new shifter design i changed about a year ago the orange handle is actually as short as the old blue handle but has better reach than the red. so i figured why offer a short stubby handle that only appeals to a smal percentage of hard core guys that do not care about ergonomics but just want the absoltue shortest extreme feel.


    i amde an even shorter handle that we will now offer . i am not going to anodize them as it is strictly cosmetic for when we had the old red and blue to distinguish so they will come in raw billet. all business no bling as one member said


  3. i just ordered the mgw shifter for my 98 cobra and i was wondering about the cobra bob gaskets. does mgw not supply them or are thes better?
  4. also, did anyone use the shift stops with the mgw, cause according to the instructions they are not needed with the tremec t56 transmission that comes with the 98 cobra's
  5. I don,t think MGW supplies Bob,s gasket set.Here is his web site www.stangshiftergaskets.com. You will not be sorry ,best $5.00 you can spend.
  6. 98 Cobra's dont' come with T56 transmissions...they have T45's and they need the stops adjusted on them, and it's not that hard to do...

    03/04 Cobras were the only Cobras that had T56's stock...

    And as for the CobraBob gaskets, I wouldn't waste the money...just get some red or black RTV and put a bead around shifter mounting hole and be done with it...the MGW is quiet as it is so the CobraBob gasket isn't needed...
  7. 45 56 i was close lol. just getting back ionto the mustang world after totalling my 03 cobra 2 yrs ago. thanks for the help
  8. Still checking to see if anyone has a T-56 & MGW Combination....???
  9. I have the Steeda Tri Ax shifter and shifter knob
    and I love it! :nice:
  10. Um...OK

    So I should go buy one ??? How about you go buy a Pro 5.0, MGW and THEN see how you like your Steeda.

    I hate clueless people............
  11. while installing my mgw shifter i discovered that there was a steeda tri-ax already installed. i installed the mgw and what a difference. i assumed that it was the stock shifter cause it sucked.
  12. I jusr how MGW THOUGHT about there design when it comes to the expensive lower rubber boot.The firewall gromet was genuis.

    My Cobra had a 2001 model Steeda shifter. (no boot washer then) and it destroyed my lower rubber boot. God it was loud driving.

    Miles on car at said time, 12,000.

    My T-3650 shifts SWEET now after the switch.

    As I said before, ANY aftermarket shifter is 1000 X'S better then stock
  13. I replaced the stock shifter with the MGW in my 04 Cobra and it is much better. I am satisfied with it.
  14. I have an MGW on my '04 Cobra and it's amazing. Every gear just goes into place like magic. Oh, and I have the orange handle, which is just right for my reach.

    I had a Hurst on my GT and I was about to buy one for the Cobra when I got it, but I remembered reading a post by U.M. about how good the MGW was. I decided to take his advice and get one. Let me tell you, he was dead-on about this shifter.